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They're renovating it. Seems like Apple wants to install keystones of their own choosing while the rest of the brick is acceptable just being painted over. A clean yet efficient renovation.I'm also hoping they'll put the Apple logo(s) in the glass. I can just imagine a brightly lit Apple in the top center, it would take away from the building's charm.
I'm far from being a "noob", but you're right. Didn't mean to confuse. I meant any Intel processors aside from the Core 2s and Xeons that Apple is using in their current computers. If they're going to disable one chip line, why not all the others that they have no use for? What are you thoughts on that observation?
The question to that is, why did they not also cut out the code for Centrinos? or Pentiums? Singling out one line of processor like that means they either are going after hackintoshes or they're doing explicit work to that code that requires it to be broken off for now. It's always possible that the Slate will be powered by Atoms. Or the next AppleTV.
Apple needs to finally open a matte finish store, ignoring the professionals is really hurting them.
Since when did middle click become the thing to have? Also, since when do 3D artists ever use the stock mouse with a computer?
Dell monitors are suggested by Apple for dual displays? (From the Mac mini page)
Apple just made this Trek fan smile.
Microsoft: "'Thunder'? What's he talking about, 'Thunder'?"
Browse the Apple website and play Mac & PC ads until they make you leave.
Quoted for truth. In my experience I'm watching person after person from the "Apple sucks" crowd turn into the "They're actually alright, I think I'll buy a touch... or a MacBook Pro" crowd. the "conversion" rate is a number that is just as mind blowing as an Apple quarterly statement.
New Posts  All Forums: