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Apple needs to finally open a matte finish store, ignoring the professionals is really hurting them.
Since when did middle click become the thing to have? Also, since when do 3D artists ever use the stock mouse with a computer?
Dell monitors are suggested by Apple for dual displays? (From the Mac mini page)
Apple just made this Trek fan smile.
Microsoft: "'Thunder'? What's he talking about, 'Thunder'?"
Browse the Apple website and play Mac & PC ads until they make you leave.
Quoted for truth. In my experience I'm watching person after person from the "Apple sucks" crowd turn into the "They're actually alright, I think I'll buy a touch... or a MacBook Pro" crowd. the "conversion" rate is a number that is just as mind blowing as an Apple quarterly statement.
It makes sense that it is only a matter of time before the nano evolves into a miniature iPod touch with a little something extra to make it still worth buying.
I like how the unfinished store kinda looks like it was gutted by a fire.
New Posts  All Forums: