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Since when did middle click become the thing to have? Also, since when do 3D artists ever use the stock mouse with a computer?
Dell monitors are suggested by Apple for dual displays? (From the Mac mini page)
Apple just made this Trek fan smile.
Microsoft: "'Thunder'? What's he talking about, 'Thunder'?"
Browse the Apple website and play Mac & PC ads until they make you leave.
Quoted for truth. In my experience I'm watching person after person from the "Apple sucks" crowd turn into the "They're actually alright, I think I'll buy a touch... or a MacBook Pro" crowd. the "conversion" rate is a number that is just as mind blowing as an Apple quarterly statement.
It makes sense that it is only a matter of time before the nano evolves into a miniature iPod touch with a little something extra to make it still worth buying.
I like how the unfinished store kinda looks like it was gutted by a fire.
That's it, the internet cannot be trusted. Call Al Gore, tell him to turn it off.
New Posts  All Forums: