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That's it, the internet cannot be trusted. Call Al Gore, tell him to turn it off.
It won't be the first time Microsoft has misrepresented the security of Apples, it won't be the first time they've taken someone else's work, misrepresenting the security of Apples, and run with it.FearUncertaintyDoubt
>2009 >No 3G Good luck. By the time this thing ships, the 3rdGen iPhone will be out.
The time between Tiger and Leopard was two and a half years, the time between Panther and Tiger was two years. Snow Leopard is going to be the exception to the rule Steve Jobs laid down when OS X first came out, 'As time goes on OS X upgrades will be less and less frequent'. Because Snow Leopard is a massive engine upgrade and catch-up-to-features-we-promised release. And I'd rather pay 129 every couple of years than 4 or 500 every five or six years. Beside the fact that...
It's a lazy tax for the billions that want the latest Akon song on their phone and don't know how. Ringback tones are the quickest way to alienate longtime friends and family.
Jobs held his hand over the big red button and they blinked.
The talk about multi-touch and such doesn't make me think of a tablet (although they'll make the architecture scale) as much as it does an upgrade for the iPhone and iPod touch. It doesn't seem to get discussed much but those devices will definitely not be limited to point upgrades. It makes sense that they're as disappointed with OS X Leopard as they are OS X Mobile, it would also make sense that they're going to time the launch of both OSes since it's relatively the same...
I see that some people already get the Apple kind of idea about this, y'know how Apple says something, we come to a conclusion one way and Apple had a third option ready? If Apple was forced to play its hand they wouldn't close the iTunes store, they would delegate it. putting the load on each artist and record label in the store. You setup your own servers (we'll show you how), upload your own music (continuing to follow our rules) and in return you get to reach billions...
For the six or seven years that I've used QuickTime I have never been prompted to upgrade by just using the free version, on Windows or Mac. Maybe it's a first-run thing, but I'm trying hard to remember if I've even ever seen it and I don't think I have.Many people say 'Macs are useless' and these are almost always people that haven't even used them, much less in everyday life, eyesight notwithstanding.
New Posts  All Forums: