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...If you say so... only the 16GB models? Sounds less like the almost unheard of Zune and more like a flash memory shortage. But hey, what do I know? I've have seen one whole Zune in the wild since they came out, a Brown 30. I cannot get through my day without seeing a nano ear-budded to someone, yes, specifically a nano.
Well -I- had a fun experience upgrading... Since I was using Vista to do it (I say was using Vista cause I'm backing everything up as I write this to return to XP once more), and didn't see the "Vista will fall into the bowels of Hell" post until I was syncing the new firmware. Sure enough the update failed, successfully bricking my phone (1G 8GB). I had to uninstall iTunes and all the supporting files, re-install and re-sync just to get iTunes to acknowledge the phone...
The key thing to remember when noting what Apple does and does not offer is time. You say things like "Apple doesn't have a 32GB iPhone... yet." or "Apple doesn't having a sub-$1000 notebook... yet." or "Apple doesn't run a small country... yet."With Apple it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. Seriously though, iPhone updates have so far, only occurred in July. There may be an announcement at MacWorld, but the actual products have since its inception been July....
MacWorld needs a bigger convention hall. I'm thinking Candlestick Park
And this is why Apple is a better computer company; when they know they effed something up they say so. There are big men running that modest company. I'm still waiting for the apology letter from a certain software company over a certain operating system that didn't even meet their own iffy standards for quality. *goes to stand by the mailbox*
Am I the only one that sees this as a way better alternative to Apple and Microsoft competing with each other? It's nice to see Microsoft taking Apple seriously, wanting to work with them. it would be nicer if Apple finally dropped the jabs (even in good fun) and did the same, respecting one of their biggest partners despite the history that led them both to where they are now. Hello, I'm the 1990s, I'm dead. Please move on without me.
What if it's there on purpose? R O S E T T A
"The service, however, is not compatible with Apple's Safari web browser." They've just lost the game, should one of us tell them?
Was that a standing bug since April of 2005 or was that something that they just recently discovered? Microsoft has been notorious for leaving ciritical flaws open for years before attempting to fix them. That's part of the reason why I use Apples now, I'd been a Windows user since 3.1. i'll never go back.Or did they think that submitting the unfinished software to public would help them nail down obscure bugs quicker? It's very probable that they know the newest...
People love to say things like the only reason OS X is more secure is because not many people care. If they did, then Apple would be flooded with all the problems Windows has. This proves them wrong. Apple cares about security, I have no doubt that if OS X recieved the attention that Windows does the security team would continue to be on the ball. Microsoft leaves critical holes open in their software for years, they don't care. I look forward to the day when Apple has a...
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