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The thing with these trials is that Apple has to constantly limit the scope to just a handful of patents. Apple has hundreds of iPhone patents, both software, hardware and combination. Apple chooses these very simple patents -- but which are very recognizable to people -- in trials, and yet they come out victorious. I believe Apple has many more stronger patents, a combination of both software and hardware. A handful of patents is already worth $100 million. Then the...
In iOS 7 Apple has made the swiping gesture for deleting a file right-to-left but Dropbox is still left-to-right. It becomes difficult to remember now which app does which gesture.
And reception antennas go where? Remember that the first iPhone had an aluminum back but also a pretty large plastic area for the antennas. With the current different bands inside the iPhone, that plastic area would be even bigger.
I mean the Nokia Lumia thing is sad. Apple has been making colored iPods for years. I mean, if anything, the new iPhones are color styled like the 5th gen iPod touch.
Yes, would have been better If where the iPhone text was, there weren't any holes and iPhone would be stamped on the case.
I agree, and I think the 4S is the ugly duckling. A white 8GB base model 5c instead of the 4s would be better. It's like updating iMacs but keeping last year's model around as the entry level one -- although Apple used to do that with education model. I don't like that strategy. Plus keeping around the 30 pin dock connector? Also, they don't even give Earpods with the 4s.
 I never though it would be cheap. People were unrealistic about that. It's just keeping the 4s around instead of making an entry level 5c irks me.
Maybe if we all write Tim Cook that we want an entry level iPhone 5c instead of a 4s...? Remember when Apple lowered the price of the original iPhone with $200-$300? Come on... let's contact him... I think, Apple will treat 2013 as a transition year. iPod touch eventually has to go lower in price. iPod shuffle replaced with nano. iPhone 5c will eventually take the place of the current iPod touch in price point.
 I hear you. Can't afford iPhone, don't want yesteryear's model. Every other Apple product you buy feels fresh after the refresh occurs. I mean MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini; they don't keep yesteryear's models after the refresh. They have done away with it with the iPod touch. Sigh... Thing is, I don't want an Android; I have a crappy one and would love an Apple. I love my new MacBook Air even though it doesn't have IPS. I love my iPad mini. They present to me value...
I have no doubt that colored iPhones are going to be a success, especially in countries that sell iPhones with multi-year contract, but there are many countries where people simply want to buy off-contract. The strategy of keeping around older models has to go. Look, it happened with the iPod touch too; they kept the 4th gen in the line up when they introduced the 5th gen, but the 4th gen can't upgrade to iOS 7 -- see that strategy is really bad. And now they replaced that...
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