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A little more aggressive price strategy would be great, like when they surprised us with $499 for the iPad; everyone was expecting $999. But in Asia, Apple can't go too low a price, because it will diminish the brand -- sounds funny but is true. Still, I desperately wanted an entry level 5C at 399 EURO. I don't want 30 pin connector or the 3.5 inch screen in the iphone line-up; it's not even in the iPod touch lineup.
 Problem then would be: What's the difference between the 5C and the 5? One is plastic and the other is not. Everything else is the same, so differentiation is minimal. And Apple doesn't want plastic to be regarded as inferior. Better to have 8GB base model 5C -- but we have to wait another 6-12 months for that to happen.
 Would have been better if they offered a 399 EURO 5C in one color (white) 8GB model, and dropped the 4S. I guess I have to wait another 6-12 months before they do.
 That's $99 with 2 year contract. And that's £469 without contract, which is still high but cheaper than in Germany! It's 599 EURO, versus 556 EURO in UK.
Yeah price is too high for me. But was to be expected if they kept the 4S. The 4S is 399 EURO, the 5C costs 599 EURO, 5S 699 EURO. Was more hoping for 375, 499, 699 EURO.
That looks like a great color. No doubt it will be a popular. And mark my words: other manufacturers will follow suit. I hate that people go crazy, saying Apple has lost its touch over a color.
Tell that to all the companies, American and Japanese, who exited the PC market or went bankrupt in the last 10 years. A healthy market with innovation comes from making and selling products with a healthy profit margin. Maybe it's not 36 percent, but it surely ain't 1 to 10 percent or even loosing money. In the end, the consumer looses, because there's less choice in companies, and the companies that carry on won't have the money to innovate -- or simply don't see the...
Look, I think the MFN clause was something that Apple used with good intentions for their business, but they could have foreseen it would cause trouble down the road. In Apple other businesses like movies and music Apple did better because they were one of the first to enter the market. Apple tried too hard to protect themselves with entering this new eBook business. They made choices that made sense to them, but they didn't think things through. I just see it as bad...
Yes, it seems they want to give Amazon a monopoly. They also want to prohibit Apple from selling TV shows, movies, etc. it seems... where is this all coming from?Also, why not just make every eBook drm free? That would be consumer friendly. Giving Amazon everything will kill innovation. Next they're going to tell us that Apple did nothing for the music industry.
There is a lot of misinformation about this Google product all over the net. It's because people know about Apple Airplay and assume this Google thing is the same but cheaper. There is only streaming content from the web, but I wonder if what happened to Google TV might happen to Chromecast; the content providers shut it down. I buy AppleTV because of the mirroring, and ability to stream content on my disk, and the content Apple provides. Google could provide such...
New Posts  All Forums: