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Sucks. This looked promising. Apple needs to make compatibility universal otherwise it's fragmentation hell! Most casual gamers would not want to double or triple check if their controller works for a particular game.
It's the blue girl of death!
They should make a big one for iPad, so it's like the wii U controller.
I want to buy this, but why does it have to be so ugly?
Kinda sucks, but it's not a big deal. Like the article says, if you are that picky about display, get the larger Air.
I used to love iBooks. But when you compare the prices of a kindle book vs an iBooks book. It's insane how much cheaper kindle books are! How did apple get successfully sued for price fixing?
I'm a huge fan of this app and the team behind it. It's my primarily tool for animation or drawing. I try to get people to switch from Adobe's offerings, but most people stick with to them like a religion.
I play games primarily on iPad and almost never on my iPhone. From looking at that little lighting port, I don't think it'll have wireless ability and won't work on iPad...
don't need but WANT
Just inviting people to accuse apple of copying Microsoft makes this a horrible idea.
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