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What a horrible name. It sounds like "horrible". Was it supposed to sound like something else? On the positive note, this is much better looking than the Nimbus. It actually looks like it might be more comfortable, too.
Do you have more images or text on how it looks installed? That's actually a very important factor to me. I notice from one image above it looks pretty flush. Is it because the car, stock, has that housing? Or does the kit come with different frames? My car is a 2014 mustang. I just don't want it to look aftermarket if I install this.
You don't have to 'tell' them anything. Just don't shop there.
Sucks. This looked promising. Apple needs to make compatibility universal otherwise it's fragmentation hell! Most casual gamers would not want to double or triple check if their controller works for a particular game.
It's the blue girl of death!
They should make a big one for iPad, so it's like the wii U controller.
I want to buy this, but why does it have to be so ugly?
Kinda sucks, but it's not a big deal. Like the article says, if you are that picky about display, get the larger Air.
I used to love iBooks. But when you compare the prices of a kindle book vs an iBooks book. It's insane how much cheaper kindle books are! How did apple get successfully sued for price fixing?
I'm a huge fan of this app and the team behind it. It's my primarily tool for animation or drawing. I try to get people to switch from Adobe's offerings, but most people stick with to them like a religion.
New Posts  All Forums: