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I play games primarily on iPad and almost never on my iPhone. From looking at that little lighting port, I don't think it'll have wireless ability and won't work on iPad...
don't need but WANT
Just inviting people to accuse apple of copying Microsoft makes this a horrible idea.
I had the iPad 1 and 3. The retina is cool and stuff, especially for reading, but it's a battery drain! one of my favorite features of iPad 1 is its amazing battery life and it was gone on the iPad 3. Simple things like reading on iPad 3 kill the battery.
I cannot believe this product would sell. This is a good example of overengineering. No one wants to pay 200$ for a racing toy. I was surprised Apple let them on the stage.
I'm not familiar with Android, but is it possible ad blockers have to do with this? (I am assuming Android has ad blockers as Windows does)
As long as it's not the iWatch.
I played with the iPhone 5c and I hate to say the plastic feels cheap. It looks like the same material used to make those charm wrist bands when I was in elementary school.
I hope this is not true. It's a small change but can be a headache for developers to make two, maybe three resolution for their apps.
Apple TV a7 = next gen console
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