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My Mavericks sometimes restarts due to 'a problem' while sleeping. Happens regularly. I hope this is fixed. Not a big deal, but a bit annoying.
This is how all patent/copyright/trademark laws should work.
1) Netflix came up with the term 'Super HD" not AI2) You didn't read the article.  "super HD" is not referring to the video resolution.  Instead of me telling you what it is referring to, i'll let you read it in the article and figure it out yourself.
Something like this happened with South Park, if it remember correctly.
Imagine if the Apple TV hardware had a current gen chip, like the A7. It would make next gen console wars much more interesting.
 He's partially wrong, but he's right about having used it for months.  I have used it for a few months, too.  But that's because I'm a developer, which costs a $99 annual fee to become.
Who cares about what Wall Street thinks. They're the ones who thought Apple was going to fail the past decades. Apple does what it needs to do because it knows what it's doing.
No.  I meant in for iOS7.  Rounded solid rectangles and thick Helvetica font are inconsistent with the theme.  Rounded rectangles are fine for iOS6 for example.
"No sir I don't like it"   That new screenshot looks like 10 angry execs arguing and not sure what direction to go.  Helvetica and ultra thin font on the same screen?  Pick one not both!   I'm also not a fan of the rounded rectangles.  I think cornered rectangles would work better.  I do agree the previous borderless buttons needed to go as they did not look pressable.  They looked like something you'd slide than press. 
I'm confused. CNET just now posted an article how HTC One sold incredibly well! (Implying premium phones are working for them)
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