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Simplenote, in my experience, has the most reliable Mac & iOS synching (even on an old 12" PBG4 via web), and is my preferred app, then the native Notes app. I still like Vesper and use it occasionally, but the lack of Mac/iOS synching really is a knock against it.
A stylus that is used for all operations on a tablet is quite different to a Pencil that is used only for handwriting and drawing applications. There is no hypocrisy in criticising the former and happily accepting the latter.
This is why the complaints by some pundits about there being nowhere for the Pencil to be stored on/inside the iPad Pro are misguided.
That is something that can be easily addressed over time. His best point was that ergonomically it is a poor experience to have to raise your arm and reach out and touch an upright computer screen, hence we haven't seen touchscreen Macs and why I think macOS and iOS convergence will remain limited.
I don't get it, why would that be a funny/interesting headline?
Thanks, Tim, for outing all the loony climate change denialists on AI.
Every year a new iPhone, same old rumour.
I can't see Apple bumping the RAM two years running. Given the Plus size iPhone is already rendering down to 1920x1080 from 2208x1242, is the additional RAM even necessary if they go to screen with more pixels (e.g., 2208x1242)?
Damn A$ and Australian pricing. Thinking about one of these next year, however my preferred configs have gone up A$440 and A$520.
Disappointing, Apple. Very disappointing.
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