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Disappointing, Apple. Very disappointing.
An NDA is an NDA. I can't feel sorry for iFixit at all. They should have waited til the first day of the AppleTV going on sale to the public to release the teardown.
omg, were getting so ripped off!!1! /s
First thing that I thought as well.
Not going to bother to play the Youtube and give them the hit. These knobs spent a grand (or more) for this moment of 'fame'.
I hope my order ships early - expected delivery 12-19 October!  (And I'm off o/s on the 17th...)
Stupid fucking developers.
Purchased, just waiting for my iPhone 6S Plus to arrive in order to use it.
Apple isn't part of HEVC Advance, however. The licensing for streaming h265 media that HEVC Advance are pushing for seems significantly more expensive than MPEG-LA's proposal, so perhaps Apple is waiting to see how it runs rather than having to stump up a large sum later?
Nice. I thought that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus felt too light in the hand.
New Posts  All Forums: