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I think this is why: http://www.cnet.com/news/new-fees-cast-shadow-on-next-gen-high-quality-streaming-video/
Ha. I still get them confused, fool is me. The iPhone 6S is recording 4K at approx. 6MB/s, or 48Mb/s - whilst low for 4K is actually reasonable considering the iPhone is a highly portable and consumer-oreinted device. Sony consumer still cameras that shoot 4K are shooting 60-100Mb/s, although the codec might be more efficient/robust in those.
 Apple is using h264, not h265 on the iPhone - it says on the specs page. The minimum bitrate that broadcasters such as the BBC accept is 50MB/s for 1080p. Hence, 6MB/s for 4K on the iPhone 6S - even at the consumer level -  can be said to be low. An interesting snippet from 9to5Mac today: "Another interesting detail: 4K videos are being recorded in H.264, and Apple is no longer making reference to H.265 support for any purpose, FaceTime or otherwise." Possibly due to the...
 It seems that way. I'm not even going to purchase a 4K TV until the tech is a bit more mature, let alone until there's a decent amount of content available (at decent bit rates). 4K on the iPhone 6S is nice, but it's only around 6MB/s, which is very low.
And it is still by far a minority of all content provided by online services. Give it another year or two and 4K will be a "must-have".
4K simply isn't mainstream enough yet. (Edit: and there's simply not the volume of content to make it a 'must have' - yet) I don't doubt that next year's ATV will support it, if this one can't through OS/firmware update. No big deal.
Yes. The knock against Apple/iPhone by privacy advocates has been that whilst iMessage is encrypted end-to-end and hence inaccessible, iCloud Back Up does not offer this protection.
Wasn't there a rumour/report about the 6S battery being smaller than that in the 6? If true, the weight might be virtually the same, if not lighter.
Finally, SamsungPay.
Aye. This.
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