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 I don't think H.265 is ready for the mainstream. Last I checked it was still pretty clunky. Besides which, as of yet there are no Apple devices that can yet record 4K out-of-the-box. On the other hand, I don't expect this will be a product that Apple will update regularly, so there may be some future-proofing if it's on an 18-24(+) month refresh cycle. I'm looking forward to this, along with the 6S Plus I'm hoping to get.
"leveraging access to consumer credit cards and user music preferences to tamp down competition"   I didn't realise Apple has a monopoly on either of those things.
Compare Samsung's marketing spend vs HTC's marketing spend. It's a shame that a superior product is losing out to Samsung's rubbish.
 Retina 17" MBP!!!1!!  
I hope so, my mid-09 17" MBP is officially obsolete in a few days   Edit: just read the rest of the thread, woo-hoo! Thanks for posting that Quadra.
The pentile screens in earlier Galaxy phones were clearly inferior to the screens in iPhones. Even the S5's screen tests below the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. My colleague's 6Plus display is noticeably better than his previous S5. As for the new model, it looks like the higher density on the S6 has made up for it's pentile sub pixel layout, although there seems to be other problems with that screen.
Only because they couldn't get decent battery life otherwise. And don't forget the shitty screens on those big phones. Making things a different size isn't terribly innovative, most of the time. Oh, and they still have those shitty screens, remember. 
I regularly use the FW800 on my '09 17" MBP (not to mention on my MacPro at work). Once per year I break out the 400-800 adapter for the one FW400 drive I still have! But I'm looking forward to this new TB3/USB3.1 standard, hopefully cables and peripherals are somewhat more reasonable in price. Next year looks like the time to upgrade (but iMac R5k or 15" rMBP, still undecided).
Same configuration top end 15" rMBP is $50 cheaper than yesterday...
 As I posted on another thread, $400 increase overnight in Australia for a fairly maxed out iMac R5K (4GHz, 16g RAM, 4gb R9, 512gb). Damn currency.
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