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 This mindset is why we still see new release laptops with VGA ports. I prefer the Apple way, even if I have to make do with cable adapters for a little while.
 I agree, must be unusual thumbs. No problems whatsoever for my wife or I.
What a great application for something that is generally seen as 'simply' a marketing feature to drive retail sales.   https://www.icbl.org
 Indeed we do, "Soccer Mums". (^_-)
 I'm late coming to AI today, but should have known you'd save me the trouble of getting stuck into that line.
 If I wasn't an iPhone user, I'd definitely get an HTC such as this, probably the best non-Apple smartphone that I've seen close up. It's a shame that so many Android users buy that Samsung junk instead.
  Just sayin'.
 Not at all. I still love that I can just hold my thumb on the button for a fraction of a second and the phone launches to the home screen. It's a great feature.
I doubt we'll see 4K (or H.265) yet, but all the rest I'd be rapt with.
 They still went to the larger, lower quality screens simply because they couldn't get the performance/battery life/heat issue sorted, however.
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