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 Sorry, I don't read it that way at all.
 Seems more likely that this is the case. A mix of social engineering and hacking undertaken by many people.
 That was the same as my first reaction to them both.
 I think you'll find that is incorrect. I'm having trouble spotting any flat tyres in here: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=watchface&go=Submit&qs=n&form=QBIR&pq=watchface&sc=8-9&sp=-1&sk=
GTR doesn't do sarcasm.
Ditto to all the comments above. Add a "Ha-haaa" from Nelson.
 That's fair enough - hopefully when they do exist, they will be offered. Unfortunately for people who buy these MBPs, they won't be able to upgrade. But (for another poster) to say a laptop doesn't need 32gb and you should get a desktop, that's just silly. There are many, many professionals who take their MBP from office to office and a desktop is not an option. Personally, I don't care about diminished battery life as when I'm working on my MBP, I always have it...
 No, there's nothing unreasonable about wanting 32gb RAM on a MacbookPro for people using creative applications, if the chipset will support it.
I'd love one, but I'm not holding my breath. Even when 4K screens are the norm I doubt Apple will bring back such a niche form factor. I'd love to be surprised though, I think next year is when I finally retire mine.
Seriously **** this guy, Kuo Ming-Chi. Spout any ol' BS then claim "production issues" to save his arse when the BS is about to be exposed.
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