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Somewhat maxed out Retina 5K iMac (4GHz, 16g RAM, 4gb R9, 512gb) has gone up overnight by $400 here in Australia. Was $4.2k, now $4.6k. Bummer.
 I have the same machine, with a Crucial SSD and a 1TB HDD in an optibay adapter. Still great for at home, and I love the quality of the screen, not to mention the size yet I doubt we'll see a retina 17". My next Mac (next year?) may end up being a retina 5K. 
Indeed. And rather than cut into the profits of their mates in mining and media, the Abbott government will instead slug consumers with 10% GST on purchases from Netflix, Airbnb, Uber etc that were previously exempt.
Yup. They won't close the loopholes that allow companies to pay (much much less) tax in Singapore instead of here because it would upset all their mates in the mining industry.
Waaambulance time.
I'd roll back to 10.10.2 if that was the case for me.
I ran the update, although I hadn't experienced any issues previewing 18MP jpegs.
 Agree. And I quite like many parts of Tsurumi-ku, altho I'm probably biased.
That's a shame, and completely different to my impression of it. I love the place, it's exactly where I'd want to live in Japan. There's much, much more to the place than the industrial areas, I find it a lot more liveable than central Tokyo.
In English the words might seem related, but unfortunately not. Tsunami = tsu+nami 津波, whereas Tsunashima = tsuna + shima 綱島. Nice try.
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