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 So the next time Samsung steals Apple's IP, you will say the same thing? And Apple's responsibility to prevent someone stealing from them can only extend so far - it's not like they left the front door open in broad daylight for Samsung to walk in and rob them. The responsibility lies with Samsung for it's own actions, be it to 'innovate' or to steal.
 This is simply a continuation or evolution of what has been happening in China/Asia for the last 20 years. Previously we could get pirated VCDs and CDs of the latest release movies and albums for around 5-10 renminbi ('Chinese dollars') each, ie US$1 or $2, then it moved to DVD and now to digital media on USB. Any legitimate service has to compete with that, which is going to be very difficult.
 I don't see why Apple should license anything, especially to a company that stole from them.
 I disagree. As a non-American, I don't find 'Designed in California' jingoistic at all. It shows pride in your place of origin without chanting "USA! USA! USA!" in your face. The reality of California is far less important than the perception of it from outside, as well. Edit: And it seems the reality of California and Silicon Valley may not be as you describe, if Woochifer's posts are an accurate indication.
 Almost every day since he switched from his iPhone 4S earlier this year, I've had to listen to my manager complain about something with his S4, and says he absolutely "hates" it. He absolutely dreads having to open up his photo album, it takes minutes. Waiting for that certainly is an awesome experience!
 Whatever Apple wants it to do. I'd just rather not buy one right now only to see it replaced in a couple of months.
Do nae care about some rumoured TV panel, just update the ATV puck asap, please, Apple.
Samsung can manufacture Apple's 64-bit SOC but can't make their own. Roff.
  Nothing has been removed from the previous version of Pages that so-called Page Power Users were using until a week or two ago. And if they had any common sense or basic computer literacy whatsoever, before installing a major software upgrade they'd have backed up their previous system, software and data all. It would be negligent of someone running a business (or a business' IT dept) not to take these fundamental precautions.
Waaambulance time once more.
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