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I use a pseudonym on FB and barely post on there, however this is the tipping point. I've deleted the app from my iPhone, if I bother to check it from now on, it will only be via the browser version.
 Many also wonder why you bother with your inane posts.
 Remember, Mel, when people said Apple could never crack Japan?
 Are you visually impaired?
 2x USB3 RAIDs running off the one bus on a new Mac Pro, unless you use a TB adapter, yeah? We opted for the Pegasus 2.
 No, one doesn't. Tim Cook has stated exactly why they haven't gone down that path yet. The only reason other manufacturers went bigger earlier is because of the poorer power efficiency of their hardware and software.
I'm doubting very much that Apple will launch two new screen sizes in the one year.
I disagree - there's nothing that -compels- PC manufacturers to support VGA directly on their hardware. You don't need to replace working projectors, simply support them via adapters. In turn this would push projector manufacturers into using more modern connector technology.
 This mindset is why we still see new release laptops with VGA ports. I prefer the Apple way, even if I have to make do with cable adapters for a little while.
 I agree, must be unusual thumbs. No problems whatsoever for my wife or I.
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