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Cool. Go buy one then.
 I'm not sure that it will work out that way (but, hey, what do I know!). There'll always be a market for mechanical/non-smart watches, and funnily enough the Apple Watch has made me more interested in wearing a watch than I have been for years. I'll definitely get an Apple Watch at some stage, but I'm also looking at some watches that are out there these days, other than the usual brands, such as those by www.autodromo.com
I daresay this will be my wife's next computer, instead of the 11" MBA. I'll keep waiting for a Retina 17" MBP with tonz of portz. /s
I know plenty of 'mobile professionals' (in graphics, web development and video) who happily use a 15" MBP. This new 12" MacBook in no way impedes their ability to get work done.
"Serious photographers" have been using Lightroom for years, and would never, ever have expected this Photos application to have the same kind of functionality.
I normally quite like what the BBC presents, although the terribly biased reporting of the Scottish Independence Referendum tarnished it's image.
I suppose it's good to keep the pressure on a company, even doing as much as it can like Apple, to ensure it's workers are treated fairly. I'd like to see a documentary about some of the suppliers used by other tech conglomerates, though. But that wouldn't be as "newsworthy", would it?
 What a joke (of a post). Fixed that for you.
Our 1st gen iPad Mini seems to be running 8.1 fine so far.
Nice homescreen and wallpaper, Zozman. I like this idea, for a couple of years I've been arranging my apps to keep the focal point/main area of my wallpaper clear and visible. I'd definitely use this feature.
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