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 Almost every day since he switched from his iPhone 4S earlier this year, I've had to listen to my manager complain about something with his S4, and says he absolutely "hates" it. He absolutely dreads having to open up his photo album, it takes minutes. Waiting for that certainly is an awesome experience!
 Whatever Apple wants it to do. I'd just rather not buy one right now only to see it replaced in a couple of months.
Do nae care about some rumoured TV panel, just update the ATV puck asap, please, Apple.
Samsung can manufacture Apple's 64-bit SOC but can't make their own. Roff.
  Nothing has been removed from the previous version of Pages that so-called Page Power Users were using until a week or two ago. And if they had any common sense or basic computer literacy whatsoever, before installing a major software upgrade they'd have backed up their previous system, software and data all. It would be negligent of someone running a business (or a business' IT dept) not to take these fundamental precautions.
Waaambulance time once more.
The more some people post, the more desperate they look.
 Oh, yeah, that awesome Motorola Artix that was such a good phone with such a good implementation of fingerprint sensor that millions of people around the world bought one?
 Ah, now I know who you are. Brilliant. /s
 They could just use your installer discs, for one. There's no serial for iWork, if I recall correctly (or was that iLife?).
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