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  Just sayin'.
 Not at all. I still love that I can just hold my thumb on the button for a fraction of a second and the phone launches to the home screen. It's a great feature.
I doubt we'll see 4K (or H.265) yet, but all the rest I'd be rapt with.
 They still went to the larger, lower quality screens simply because they couldn't get the performance/battery life/heat issue sorted, however.
, "Samsung incorrectly claims that Apple made recent offers to Samsung without anti-cloning provisions. Every offer Apple made to Samsung has included limits to both the scope of any license and a prohibition against cloning Apple products." I love how Samsung blatantly, outright lies about this.
It'll be as good as Samsung's face ID unlock.
 No hard feelings taken. It just seems the re-imagined Mac Pro is either not what you personally want/need, or that your idea of what it should be isn't aligned with what the Mac Pro actually has become.
 We've had our shared raid/NAS in it's own room for a few years now, we can do recording in any of our suites without any noisy external boxes, if we need to.
 Ha! Alienzed should see the cables and peripherals hanging off our current (2010 and earlier) Mac Pros. And tell my boss that he "doesn't need to buy more stuff". Too funny.
 Even if in of itself a legitimate and common business move, it simply acknowledges in formal terms what critics have been saying all along about the culture of Samsung.
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