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 Well, I'm one such person. Ordered a 64gb iPhone 5S on the weekend via Apple online, shipping "October". Apple Store employee confirmed in person that my credit card won't be charged til the phone ships.
 No one cares about the value of the qualifier to your opinions. Truly.
Samsung innovation.
 I've said the same thing here and on other fora. It should also be mentioned that the middle class in Asia will number approximately 1.7 billion by 2022. That's the demographic that Apple is aiming for, they don't need to go cheap, or cheaper for that matter, at all.
 Very nicely said.
 From someone who bought a 5C this morning:  Premium plastic.
iFixit, doing Samsung's job for them. :P
 Well said on all counts. The measure of the 5C's success is how it does in comparison to how the 4 and 4S sold over the past 12 months, not in comparison to the 5.
 Erm, you'll find that's because of the secrecy that Steve had the original iPhone developed under.
I don't recall anyone saying that. It was oft mentioned in the tech press that the gold 4S was "for the Chinese market".
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