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 No, there's nothing unreasonable about wanting 32gb RAM on a MacbookPro for people using creative applications, if the chipset will support it.
I'd love one, but I'm not holding my breath. Even when 4K screens are the norm I doubt Apple will bring back such a niche form factor. I'd love to be surprised though, I think next year is when I finally retire mine.
Seriously **** this guy, Kuo Ming-Chi. Spout any ol' BS then claim "production issues" to save his arse when the BS is about to be exposed.
 Incredibly unlikely that they'll do it, but I'd love one of those!
 I'm not a developer, however I'm quite giddy over what was presented in the WWDC keynote. Extremely exciting times ahead for both Mac and the iOS platforms.
 Luckily I had just put my coffee down before reading that.  This, basically.
Not necessarily. It's most likely the hardware of the iPhone 5S that allows the Filmic app to be able to record in the robust codecs (at broadcast acceptable 50mbps versus the usual c.17mbps from the Camera app) that enables the footage to then be post-processed to the level required for this kind of destination.
I use a pseudonym on FB and barely post on there, however this is the tipping point. I've deleted the app from my iPhone, if I bother to check it from now on, it will only be via the browser version.
 Many also wonder why you bother with your inane posts.
 Remember, Mel, when people said Apple could never crack Japan?
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