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 Thanks for the laugh!
 Precisely. Even if there was content, we'd need not just better codecs but better encoders and decoders for it, particularly for downloadable media.
What an abomination.
How many colors can I choose from if I want an S4 or an HTC One?::Yawn::
Funnily enough I just showed her these photos and she said she would get the champagne color if it was one of the choices available.
The champagne color looks really good. Now I'm kind of hoping my wife chooses that instead of the white again. Couldn't help but chuckle seeing the Marantz amp earlier in the thread! So distinctive, reminds me of the 80s.
Media consumption tablet.
I'm with you on this, it does seem pretty exciting. I prefer this option than Apple making some kind of special iPhone for photography with some mid-shapen, bulbous rear case to accommodate a better lens, however.And the possibility of using the lens up to 30-50ft away from the phone is pretty cool.Hopefully it's successful and we see a couple of decent primes released as well.
No Siri on the rumoured "5C"? Rubbish.
  As inane as it might be, this.
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