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get over it.
Thanks for going to the trouble with the info, Graeme. I'll take a good look over at the apple forums, and take my time before i install SL, i think. Cheers. edit: seems like there aren't too many issues, going by the apple forums. i think i'll back up my old system then try it out. thanks once more!
i agree completely. i think the only "hack" we've ever run in a work environment, for example, is the dual/extended monitor hack for g5 imacs we had a few years ago. When you make a living from something, you can't afford to rely on things that may be unreliable or have unintended consequences down the track.
[QUOTE=Graeme;1453778]A quick question, if you don't mind... I'm still running FCS2 on my MBP (10.5.7), I gather there should be little problem using FCS2 if i upgrade to SL? I'm planning to do a complete erase and install, for what it's worth...
i ran basically the same fix in order to install FCP 4.5 on my Pismo with a G4 550. it was very handy at the time...
um, yes - not simply for SL, though. we just retired 2 quad core 2.5Ghz Power Macs and bought 2 8-core Mac Pros in order to run the new FCS.
I absolutely adore (if such could be said of a computer) my glossy 24" iMac at work, and my 17" uMBP. would never go back to matte.
and you bad this on what exactly?
HD-DVD not dead yet:http://blogs.zdnet.com/storage/?p=562
lol, nice rant! perhaps you are in the wrong country. the iphone isn't so expensive here in Oz. I am paying $10/month for the hardware over 2 years ($240), $49/month for $500 of calls/sms etc, and a few bucks extra for extra data - i am actually saving money compared to my old mobile plan. i wish ppl would get the fork over flash, it's so 2002. may it never come to the iPhone.
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