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, no worries...
you are tripping. i love the glossy screens on my 24" iMac at work and my brand spanking new 17" mbp. but even i would say that i didn't like them i there was a free iPod Touch up for grabs.
They made a mistake, but overall I think you came out of it better off! Enjoy your new mbp!
transforming mbp>>>blu-ray
just ordered the 17".
oh to be able to create/open and edit Text Edit files on the iPhone/iPod Touch...
i was going to upgrade a friend's iPod Touch recently and remembered 3.0 was coming soon so held off. it's the luck of the draw unless you find somewhere like AI where you can do a bit of research before spending your money.
lots of whining, no "thanks for getting the fix out so quickly." funny how things work around here.
a firmware update is out for the sata issue. can the whining now stop?
i wouldn't trust anything that comes out of queensland.
New Posts  All Forums: