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Hopefully the presence of this chip in the next gen iPhone gives this technology the kick-start it needs outside of Japan.
as a non-jailbreaker, i completely agree with you. i can see why apple wants to (and has the right to) restrict how their product is used/modified, but i think that the jb community opens up the possibilities with the device. I personally feel that if all the options that jb'ing allows in terms of customisation and multi-tasking etc were available out of the box, it would open up a "world of hurt" in terms of performance and battery life for the majority of users who are...
and hence the hollywood movie studios are taking a small ISP in Australia to court as a test case.
no, i am not confusing you with others.
coming from Mr "no X, no purchase" in every thread.
quoted for truth.
man, you re so funny. everything you post is "no X, no purchase". why do you bother? obviously apple knows what it intends the mDP video input for, just because it doesn't match your requirements/desires doesn't mean it's broken.
lol at the whining in this thread. of course apple has other apple products in mind with the mDP video input into the new iMac.
yes, and they are all clamouring for blue-ray drives to be included in apple's imac - in addition to the player that they have already purchased.
lol, where are these millions you speak of? Marching on the streets?! Blu-Ray is far, far from universal or ubiquitous.
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