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haha. i like this post.
but it's a dell.
you don't know why apple chose the hardware they did. heat, battery life etc? spec whores are never happy. as long as it is "teh snappy" and has decent battery life, that's fine by me.laugh out loud @ apple taking on Palm. try the other way around.
it's not much of an issue - i have one permanently hanging off my pb at home. i use a short cable so that if it gets bumped, the dongle itself doesn't get damaged.
nah, i hope that they do ok, it can only mean that the iPhone will have to keep improving.
am pretty sure that google will be your friend with this. ppl put up galleries of the photos they take with the iphone, un-shopped. pretty good quality, in all honesty.
That's fair enough that you have a use for one, but there are no indications from apple that they are going to include it anytime soon. I just found it amusing that a great deal of this thread was centred on a feature that - let's not kid ourselves - was never going to come.
got it.got it.nope, but wasn't to be expected, i think.got it.nope. but we did in effect get the 15" MB.I can't see them going backwards on this one, even though they did on the 13" and fw.it would be nice but i think they know it would cut into sales of the 17". i know i would prob go for a higher-res 15" over the 17".i don't think that will happen til they change the case design again. to be honest, i prefer 16:10.
Yes, the low end 15" MBP is the 15" MB in disguise. It's a good thing, in my opinion.lol, halp! the sky is falling in!empirical evidence?Definitely. I'm glad FW is back on the 13", but at the time I could see Apple's rationale for removing it. The removal of the express card slot from the 15" is the only low-light of the updates. It's work-around-able, but unfortunate. I'm very happy with the price drop for the 17", i won't bother going the refurb now...
I can't believe that people are actually surprised (and even disappointed) that there is no B-R option in the new MBP. The surprise would have been if it was included! As a viewing/consumer option, a laptop is a poor way to go (especially a laptop with less than 1920x1080 resolution). On the pro side, there is no noise whatsoever being made from apple about support for B-R in it's pro-apps.
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