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i was going to upgrade a friend's iPod Touch recently and remembered 3.0 was coming soon so held off. it's the luck of the draw unless you find somewhere like AI where you can do a bit of research before spending your money.
lots of whining, no "thanks for getting the fix out so quickly." funny how things work around here.
a firmware update is out for the sata issue. can the whining now stop?
i wouldn't trust anything that comes out of queensland.
definitely. it does seem they are trying to squeeze the pro creatives into the 17" slot. although, i don't know how ppl can cut in FCP all day on a 15", without an external monitor that is.
for those concerned about the non-swappable battery, there is this option: http://www.hyperdrive.com/HyperMac-M...Power-s/91.htm courtesy of someone on the mactalk.com.au forums.
I can probably get by with the superdrive in my old pb. As I will most likely be getting one of the new 17" mbps, I'll be interested if down the track I can swap in an extra hard drive or ssd and use an external b-r/dvd burner...
nah, just stick 'em in the back of our heads, panther modern style.
dual core cpu and 2 gpus can harness SL.
haha. i like this post.
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