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No, I think that you jumped the gun in your desperation to continue your ridiculous attacks on all-things apple.Great post.Correct. And as someone pointed out earlier, it is most likely that end-users won't have to pay a cent for it directly.
nah, as stated by others above... and I seem to remember it being "Apple is teh doomed!™" and people talking about "teh snappy®", back in the day (when i had a different user account here).
To be honest I wouldn't think that owners of a 3 year-old phone would expect it to be able to implement all the features of a new OS. Those with any kind of reasonable expectations, that is.
"prosecutors say the search was related to a felony theft investigation rather than simply being an effort to determine Chen's sources as a journalist."
beat me to it.
perhaps you missed this part:"The request was opposed by the District Attorney's office, which argued in a legal brief that prosecutors needed to "maintain the security of an ongoing investigation, which may well be compromised by the disclosure of the search warrant affidavit."At issue in the affidavit are the names of "two individuals of interest, whom police do not want to alert," the report said, citing comments from an attorney for the media coalition filling the...
What has legal procedure got to do with your opinion of Apple's business practice?
there were plenty.
please don't say that! it's like a breath of fresh air in here... wind the windows up before we drive past the sewage farm!
^^ great app, good reader!
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