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WUM fail.
Wow, that's late. My NEC had it in 2005, and I think that model originally came out in late '04. Though i daresay the experience on Nokias was equally as unsatisfactory - small screen, poor picture and stream quality, massive data costs. Seems like it might actually be a usable feature on the iPhone.
perhaps some people are forgetting that apple isn't touting this as taking over from traditional voice calls ala mid-C20 futurism.precisely. for starters at least
i don't see how this has been the biggest issue for video calling. besides, an iPhone dock solves that quite simply, if it's a problem for you.
we all know it's been available for years. however, we all know that it has sucked b@lls for years and costs a boatload. it's all about the implementation.
previously the quality of "video calls" was hugely suspect, on top of which the cost of data for said calls was ridiculous to the point of being prohibitive - why bother to pay over the top for rubbish quality? With FaceTime as it's on wi-fi, it's free, and the quality of the feed on a decent screen makes it a much more attractive function. I have to agree with Predrag:
I disagree completely. I was thinking about getting the wacom equivalent to this several months back, but heard about some issues with it. I'd love multi-touch capability at work on my iMac, this could be the trick.
specialised apps produced on cross-platform frameworks? Given the choice I'll take an app produced in XCode specifically for an iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch any day thanks.Have you ever heard of Sony's Playstation or Nintendo's Wii?
my lol-meter just rofl'd.
No, I think that you jumped the gun in your desperation to continue your ridiculous attacks on all-things apple.Great post.Correct. And as someone pointed out earlier, it is most likely that end-users won't have to pay a cent for it directly.
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