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and you bad this on what exactly?
HD-DVD not dead yet:http://blogs.zdnet.com/storage/?p=562
lol, nice rant! perhaps you are in the wrong country. the iphone isn't so expensive here in Oz. I am paying $10/month for the hardware over 2 years ($240), $49/month for $500 of calls/sms etc, and a few bucks extra for extra data - i am actually saving money compared to my old mobile plan. i wish ppl would get the fork over flash, it's so 2002. may it never come to the iPhone.
along with a sprig or two of athelas and a few gold pieces, right? i like the idea, though, and following on from a poster above, around the size of a trade hardback or a touch larger?
too true. i haven't used it in a couple/few years, and have forgotten everything i learned i am sure, but i enjoyed it immensely.
This seems to be the case. For dual layer discs, -R are unreliable - if i recall correctly, there aren't as supported in stand alone players as +Rs and also there might be an issue with layer breaks. it's been so long since we stopped using -R DL's that i've forgotten exactly why we stopped using them. doh!
Competition is good, so i hope this thing does achieve a modicum of success - if only to keep apple on it's toes. apart from connecting to an external monitor/tv - which very few of us actually do - for the life of me i can't see the appeal of 1080p on a device that has a screen that is much smaller than 1080. and also the hd video camera, i don't see the point yet. any ideas on how the battery life on this thing will be like?que? you are asking the market leader to keep...
Producers generally don't care too much about the tech side of things, they just want to be able to get what they want/need. If another production house can deliver something and you can't, it just leaves you looking deficient - apple's fault or not. If it is something important enough to them, the producer will definitely "look at other options" when it comes to next job. That's my experience of producers, at least.
interesting article. 2 phones ago, and pre-iPhone, i was using an i-mode capable NEC flip-phone (N410i) here in australia. whilst it was a dumbed-down handset compared to what was sold in japan, it was a brilliant phone. the UI was logical and easy to use, with sensible buttons to complement the menu system. prior to the iPhone coming out, it was my perfect phone (even dumbed down), and i would have been happy to keep to NECs. 3G though killed i-mode here, which was...
exactly. everyone is complicit. high-profile, easy to target brands like apple attract more criticism than most. we all buy goods every day made in these kind of factories - including those that dish out the guilt trips.
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