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you can guarantee that the factory owners and mainland company executives aren't paying themselves peanuts. you'll bump into their sons and daughters in college campuses all around the world...
Touch wood. No issues with the Seagate 7200 500gb drive in my week and a half old 17". touch wood.
, no worries...
you are tripping. i love the glossy screens on my 24" iMac at work and my brand spanking new 17" mbp. but even i would say that i didn't like them i there was a free iPod Touch up for grabs.
They made a mistake, but overall I think you came out of it better off! Enjoy your new mbp!
transforming mbp>>>blu-ray
just ordered the 17".
oh to be able to create/open and edit Text Edit files on the iPhone/iPod Touch...
i was going to upgrade a friend's iPod Touch recently and remembered 3.0 was coming soon so held off. it's the luck of the draw unless you find somewhere like AI where you can do a bit of research before spending your money.
lots of whining, no "thanks for getting the fix out so quickly." funny how things work around here.
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