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quoted for truth.
man, you re so funny. everything you post is "no X, no purchase". why do you bother? obviously apple knows what it intends the mDP video input for, just because it doesn't match your requirements/desires doesn't mean it's broken.
lol at the whining in this thread. of course apple has other apple products in mind with the mDP video input into the new iMac.
yes, and they are all clamouring for blue-ray drives to be included in apple's imac - in addition to the player that they have already purchased.
lol, where are these millions you speak of? Marching on the streets?! Blu-Ray is far, far from universal or ubiquitous.
i agree with the sentiment, but the buyer should beware (and be aware) of such conditions of purchase. as we indeed are with the iphone to be honest, whilst i won't jb my iphone, i think the jb-community shows the potential of what the device can do. piracy aside, of course. and jail-breakers shouldn't expect apple to let them break the terms and conditions of sale without putting up some kind of resistance. fun and games, no need for knickers to get in a twist - there...
yes. when you purchase a property that is subject to caveats/covenants restricting the design/alteration of the property for various reasons, from heritage to just "it's how the developers want the area to look" imo, the iphone is exactly the same. fwiw, i'm not against jb'ing (for purposes of customisation etc), but jb-ers should quit the whining when their hacks get broken, it's part of the endless cycle...
so, do you still use this phone that you hate so much, this phone that makes you so unhappy that you need to vent on the internets to all and sundry? if so, no problems here whatsover with 3.0 on the iPhone, even wifi. perhaps i'm one of the lucky few. and i stand by what i said: email >>>>>>> mms. more open multi-tasking, whilst nice, isn't a deal-breaker. improving in increments is a far better option than cramming in every device/gadget/capability imaginable and...
by most accounts, these other smart phones are prone to more crashes than the iPhone. I'll take the stability of the latter, any day. so i have to wait at the most 30 seconds to finish what i am doing, then reply to an SMS? zomg, it's the end of the world!! multi-tasking between, for example, my japanese dictionary and the pdf notes on my iDisk would be handy, but i'm not crying on the internet every day in every thread i post in about it, now am i? I for one am happy with...
get over it.
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