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shh, don't let the facts get in the way of teckdud's hyperbole! fwiw, i'd be disappointed if they didn't have a still camera in the next revision of the iPT.
if by anywhere you mean the iTunes App Store, i'd say you'd be on the money.
you'd be wrong, yesterday and today.
wrong. it belongs to you for use on their terms.
Now don't get me wrong, i don't mind the concept of jail-breaking in order to expand functionality. If ppl are comfortable with the process and maintenance required, go for it. I just don't see what is wrong with apple protecting their investment - they are under no obligation to make it an open environment, it's their ecosystem.
or they may not. 2+ years of 50 hours per week on a glossy 24" iMac, no problems here. People should have a look for themselves before they take too much heed of the matte-brigade's alarmism.
Hopefully the presence of this chip in the next gen iPhone gives this technology the kick-start it needs outside of Japan.
as a non-jailbreaker, i completely agree with you. i can see why apple wants to (and has the right to) restrict how their product is used/modified, but i think that the jb community opens up the possibilities with the device. I personally feel that if all the options that jb'ing allows in terms of customisation and multi-tasking etc were available out of the box, it would open up a "world of hurt" in terms of performance and battery life for the majority of users who are...
and hence the hollywood movie studios are taking a small ISP in Australia to court as a test case.
no, i am not confusing you with others.
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