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you'd be wrong, yesterday and today.
wrong. it belongs to you for use on their terms.
Now don't get me wrong, i don't mind the concept of jail-breaking in order to expand functionality. If ppl are comfortable with the process and maintenance required, go for it. I just don't see what is wrong with apple protecting their investment - they are under no obligation to make it an open environment, it's their ecosystem.
or they may not. 2+ years of 50 hours per week on a glossy 24" iMac, no problems here. People should have a look for themselves before they take too much heed of the matte-brigade's alarmism.
Hopefully the presence of this chip in the next gen iPhone gives this technology the kick-start it needs outside of Japan.
as a non-jailbreaker, i completely agree with you. i can see why apple wants to (and has the right to) restrict how their product is used/modified, but i think that the jb community opens up the possibilities with the device. I personally feel that if all the options that jb'ing allows in terms of customisation and multi-tasking etc were available out of the box, it would open up a "world of hurt" in terms of performance and battery life for the majority of users who are...
and hence the hollywood movie studios are taking a small ISP in Australia to court as a test case.
no, i am not confusing you with others.
coming from Mr "no X, no purchase" in every thread.
quoted for truth.
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