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I love that somebody did this!   (On the other hand...wayyyy too much free time?)  
I think that, for this article, AI should have gone to Apple HQ and taken pictures of all the actual vehicles (with the licence plates blurred out, of course.)    I mean, if the idea is that those cars give us clues about the Apple Car (a dubious premise,  but I'll go along with it for fun ), we need to see them, right?   Does anyone drive a matte grey Mercedes SL? Or maybe a mirror finish Ferrari à la Justin Bieber? Are there fuzzy dice in that Camry? Anybody have...
iPod Classic now $30 cheaper in Canada.
The small screen is a problem only if you want to use all kinds of apps. To me the click wheel is an ideal interface for a music player. The Classic will die because Apple no longer believes in single-function devices. But I quite liked it as such.
How could you be misunderstood?
I was reading this thread, and most of the comments seem logical, and then I see this:Whoa. First of all, what is 'that?' Is 'that' anal sex? Or oral sex? I hate to break it to you, but it's not an exclusively gay thing. Neither is it a sign that a person is irresponsible or immoral, someone who would 'harm your company.' This fear is so illogical and absurd, that it really is homophobic. Which is also the word to describe people who are unhinged by 'gayness', but...
Gosh. A lot of lawyers here. Ethicists, not so much.
Perhaps, but that doesn't mean it would be thick, expensive and unreliable. And we don't have to discuss such a device as though it were something theoretical. All we have to do is look at the old shuffle.
Boy, that's a lot of functions for that centre button... The old shuffle was already so small. I don't think the new, even smaller size is worth losing the controls.
Strange... I've purchased four albums from the iTunes store, one of which I deleted from my computer months ago. And wouldn't you know it, only the three albums I still owned showed up on my 'Upgrade My Music' page. No sign of the album I deleted. Am I special or what? Also, after the upgrade, the iTunes store didn't prompt me to delete or archive the old tracks with DRM. I had to remove them from my iTunes library manually.
New Posts  All Forums: