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Since Apple's being an idiotic OCD child over this, anyone have a .zip of the source? Pretty sure if someone wants to distribute code, as long as it doesn't contain any of Apple's copyrighted material, there's f*ck all Apple can do about it. API calls aren't copyrightable, so I don't see how Apple has a case here. If someone wants to sideload an app on their phone, so be it.
I agree completely. Before long we'll have iMacs with nothing other than a big Facebook button, no ports, no access to the system and everything potted in araldite. It'll only be 4mm thick at the edges though! It seems a very common complain with the iPad Pro is, it's just too restrictive with iOS. iOS is fine for a phone, but for a tablet it's nowhere near powerful enough considering the amazing hardware it's running on. With a pencil and 12" of screen space, I don't...
Since Macs are supposedly premium machines, they should come with a three year warranty as standard. Having just one year shows they have no faith in their hardware at all. Oh and what happens after 3 years if you have a problem? A $400 repair for a $60 HDDAhh here you go again. You're a worse fanboy than Gatorguy is for Google. It's okay, criticism of Apple won't cause you any harm, it might even force Apple to improve their products so you get more value for money!...
Seems to randomly appear and disappear in Canterbury, UK. Why it needs "activating" for particular cities seems a bit odd to me, surely it can automatically pull data from Maps and isn't manually curated?
No wonder MS has so many problems with engineering if they can't even get a Froaster right. The slots aren't deep enough for the bread and there's no lever to push the toast down. Duh.
iOS Is much more popular in England than any of these European places, and yet in the south only London is covered. Even Cardiff and Bristol aren't, and popular tourist destinations like Wells, Bath and Canterbury are "flat" too. A few northern places are done but who the hell goes to Hull?!
Oh look, smaller battery again. And for the benefit of Solipsism, in watt hours. http://www.cultofmac.com/388414/iphone-6s-gets-a-reduction-where-it-really-hurts/
I'd wager more people use optical audio than the ethernet port. Hell, I'd bet £1000 on more people using optical than USB-C!HDMI is necessary for HD video, which at the time was a fairly big selling point on the ATV2. It was a box for HDTVs, not SDTVs, so the ports weren't necessary. The box was also smaller and some ports had to go. This time the box is bigger, yet the ports are reduced. Optical out (or at least some form of audio out) is necessary, since many people have...
And replace my perfectly functioning home theatre audio system with one that's got HDMI in? No thanks. I've never even seen a HDMI-in audio system...
No. If playing just music, you don't need the TV on with the existing ATV, this new one you do need the TV on and you've got to have a TV that has optical (or otherwise) audio out. Pretty stupid really.
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