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Disabling non-HID mouse control when a keychain request dialog is active would sort out one of the problems. There are however still a large number of non-App Store apps that require installation, and worse installation with admin/root privileges. Apple's restrictions on the App Store aren't doing anyone any favours here, except malware authors. The reason being it's quite common to need an app that requires more access to the system than Apple's sandbox will provide, so...
Such desperation. IMO people might try it, realise what a nightmare Android is, then abandon it, incredulous.
IMO it'd be good if there was a visual cue that force touch is available on a particular screen within each app. I often forget to think about trying it out in various Watch apps and miss half the functionality. It'd only need something simple such as a slight wiggle when the app opened (like the one you get when you force touch something non-force-touchable) and it'd let you know FT is available on that screen, and at the same time remind you that force touch is a thing.
Why? How do they benefit the industry or inventors? How is it destroying the patent system?Hopefully the UK won't be for much longer
Because of course, it's a Fandroid site and they can't possibly compare an Apple device with another and have the Apple device "win". If they compared it with the 6+ it would be more fair as it has a relatively comparable battery. Still. If the 6 was slightly thicker (OMG NO WAY) it could have a much beefier battery, even if it was 1mm thicker the battery would be ~20% more. Is 1mm thickness worth sacrificing 20% battery life? IMO, nope.
Not sure this will be too popular unless Apple open sources (at least the protocol) for HomeKit. I'm not going to switch from Apple gear, but it would be pretty silly to build into your house a system that uses a proprietary protocol that's only usable with one manufacturer's device. Apple's got quite a history of changing something which may well be for the better, but at the same time making it incompatible with the old. I can just imagine HomeKit 2.0 coming out with a...
I think Apple needs to make the iPad better value for money software-wise. It needs more creation features, maybe haptic feedback to improve its keyboard. It's great as a consumption device, but iOS (on iPad) is frustrating when trying to do any real work imo.
Excellent? He's one of the idiots who derided Apple for not reaching the his forecast of 53M iPhones that he plucked out from thin air, pushing their share price through the floor.
Ming throwing shit and seeing what sticks as usual. Why does anyone listen to him at all? Just because he hasn't heard of anything other than Force Touch (which is also a rumour and may not happen) doesn't mean Force Touch is the only thing. What an utter idiot. Edit: I thank you AI mods for not modifying my posts to your own ends, especially without notifying me or posting a message that you have done. What other posts do you edit to fit better with you ideology?...
I doubt Apple will switch to OLED until it's got a colour spectrum thats on a par with LCD, since they do pride themselves on the colour accuracy and gamut.
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