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Seems the first beta of 10.10.5 is out...
"EMI"? Seriously AI, do you even use Macs? Oh right we had an ElectroMagnetic Interference update... >.>
Windows Embedded (CE or something) is pretty much the only embedded OS that's sold commercially. Virtually everything that requires an embedded OS uses some form of Linux, which is completely free and outnumbers WinCE installations by several orders of magnitude. Virtually every router has embedded Linux for example. I doubt anyone would trust WinCE running a router. It'd have more holes than an Edam cheese. I also doubt they have 45% market share of all embedded OSs,...
And then ask Apple.
Generally it seems consumers are aware of Samesung copying Apple, and from what I've seen (and through Samesung's sales nosedive) people are shunning them for their lack of originality. Fandroids of course think it's ok, however.
Post a comment on the blog. I have.
They're synced through iCloud Keychain.
I uninstalled Flash a few weeks ago too, when the last vulnerability was exposed. Can't say I've missed anything.Except Apple sandboxes Flash (and other Safari plugins) too.
Yes, but the economic output of an individual Greek is half what an American is, so the numbers arent as far apart as you think.It's the socialist ideals that aren't working, as usual. It never does work. The comparisons to the Nordic countries aren't really fair; Swedes don't retire in their late 40s, they produce double the amount per capita, and they have a strong export market, all unlike Greece. In a nutshell, Swedes aren't lazy. Massive tax evasion in Greece has been...
I wish Apple would allow selective restore, so you could reset the phone and selectively restore apps. The only option is to restore the phone entirely, with all or no apps. I find resetting the phone after a while speeds it up no end, and I prefer to reset on major upgrades (iOS 8 > 9). Continually upgrading means you end up with cruft from iOS 4/5/6 on the latest iOS release. Plus you can't backup/restore the health data individually, so if you have a problem with your...
New Posts  All Forums: