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Texts could be intercepted, and picture messages too since they're plaintext, not encrypted.This is not entirely correct. Cellular calls and text messages (non-IP based) are sniffable with a fake cell tower, but encrypted data isn't without supercomputer-grade decryption, or the private keys. Regarding a normal cell tower, the data isn't encrypted at the cell tower's location, it's encrypted all the way to Apple's servers. Spoofing SSL data sent to the phone is essentially...
Mine's fine, maybe it's your router.
OS X Server is becoming less and less appealing with no hardware to run it on... Schools sometimes used Mac Mini servers, but the options are pretty much exhausted now. Mac Pros aren't servers.
Shouldn't Gatekeeper have prevented this? When a malicious file is downloaded (via Safari at least), OS X warns that the file is dangerous. When trying to open the file, the warning that it's not signed appears again, forcing the user to right-click and open, unless Gatekeeper is off that is. Of course if the user has disabled Gatekeeper, they've only really got themselves to blame.
Isn't the data centre solar powered? Maybe the sun went in Seems to be back up now according to Apple's status page.
Interesting graph, thanks. Aluminium is weird in that when it's heated, it doesn't really go through much of a "softer" stage, it just suddenly liquifies, as shown on the graph. Bit like how ice doesn't get soft when warmed.Fatigue will actually make the point harder, and liable to crack rather than bend. The recessed volume buttons will decrease the strength at the buttons though. I've not seen a teardown so it might have these already, but milling strengthening ridges...
Better battery life too.
Apple uses many custom chips in their Macs, ones they've designed, ones designed by Intel, Realtek, Broadcom, Atheros and many more. The /System/Library/Extensions folder has 230 items in, most of which are hardware drivers. Would adding one more be such a terrible thing? Even then, it took Apple 8 months after the USB 3 chipset was on sale from Intel to release a desktop with USB 3. In technology circles, 8 months is an age.I completely agree. I'm glad Volex make Apple's...
Err... No. Melting point of aluminium: 660C. Your pocket: 37C.
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