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I have to agree with you, why does AI feel the need to have 12 ad networks attached to their pages? With all this recent storm over privacy, you'd think AI would take action before someone noticed. \
Google has been copying Apple's (patented) touchscreen paradigms and ideas from the day the iPhone was unveiled. Samsung has copied Apple's (patented) designs, though they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. There really is no point in discussing something with someone as immature as yourself, as you've proven you can't accept anyone's arguments favouring Apple, even though the truth is obvious. You just come up with irrelevant nonsense that makes no real...
No, I never claimed Apple should be the sole producer of touchscreen phones. You came up with that one up yourself. I simply said that before Apple popularized touchscreen phones (and actually made them useable, pre-iPhone touch screens sucked), no-one wanted a touch screen phone. Same with tablets. No one wanted a tablet pre-iPad, but for some reason trolls like yourself try to claim Apple has nothing to do with altering the direction of technology.
What you seem to keep missing/ignoring is before the iPhone, very few smartphones were touchscreen only. Now, pretty much every smartphone is touch screen without a physical keyboard, copying Apple's precedence.
You'll find Tim Berners-Lee used a NeXT computer to write the world's first web browser. If he was using a different OS, he may not have done so. So Jobs enabled Berners-Lee to write a web browser, making Jobs rather important too.
Good read, thanks
Kate Middleton?! What the hell has she done for anyone?
Don't you mean Command + S?I've not found any major bugs either, though Safari does seem to much through RAM like there's no tomorrow. Updates have made it slightly more conservative, but still, its crazy. With just this page open, Safari's using 235mb, and WebProcess 332mb. That's twice the RAM the iPad 1 has in total, and Safari can have multiple tabs open and still be fine.I think what 4miller's trying to say is if your HDD dies and you replace it, or the partition...
Or untick the "Natural Scrolling" box in mouse prefs. I assume that option's available for non-magic mice too.
Heh, I think partly the problem is Apple tends to make huge "lets dumb this down" changes which they think is for the better, mostly without giving users the option to go back to the old way. There's only so far you can go to simplify things before you lose functionality Ã* la iCal and Address Book. I think we need several modes the OS can run in if Apple's going to continue down this path: iOS (baby/beginner), halfway-between-OS-X-and-iOS (child/Intermediate/Lion), and OS...
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