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I haven't a clue how you dreamt that up. ARM is certainly a lot more than just a patent licensor, they design CPU cores themselves, and license those designs. Where do you think these new ARM CPU designs are coming from? Thin air?
I think this device could be construed as prior art for Samsung's claim of tethering a phone to a computer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9dpXHnJXaE I agree with Apple's case though, Samsung's own designs are far from special. I guess their design team thinks it's all fine to just rip off Apple's unique designs, but are so amazed when Apple complains about it. Samsung seems to have a similar mentality to Chinese companies, ripping off other company's designs and IP...
So RIM have a time machine too? Why are they running a year ahead?
Well look at that, seems AppleInsider's using its time machine to go forward in time to 2012, second time in two days!
You'll find the K800i is a mobile phone from Sony Ericsson.
That's a good point, though afaik the camera module is wider/taller than it is thick.
I had a K800i too that had a 3.2mp camera, it was really impressive, especially as it was about 5 years ago. However, it was nearly three times the depth of the iPad. The 5MP camera Apple uses in the iPhone is too big for the iPad, they need more than the 5 or 6mm of depth available to fit. As camera and optics technology improves, no doubt the cameras will become thinner, but right now autofocus higher-resolution ones are too fat to fit in an iPad.
It seems a bit odd that everyone's all up in arms over Apple supposedly tracking users, but Google admitting they track users isn't causing a problem. Seems everyone wants a bite of Apple.
"There is no such thing as Free Public WiFi" is most likely a jab at Windows security... There was a virus going around on XP machines that created a network called "Free Public WiFi", any XP machine that connected to it would get the virus too. Impressive wireless and wired network though. Having that many computers all chatting away on similar frequencies and not completely collapsing when everyone clicked "Download Lion Developer Preview" is quite an achievement....
What you're saying doesn't make much sense. Considering it's free anyway, i.e. you don't "buy" your iCloud account, it wouldn't really make much difference to Apple. Songs that that are not on the iTunes store, and thus uploaded, will probably only be on Apple's server once. A Dropbox-like algorithm will be employed so files are compared, and identical ones deleted in the cloud to save space. i.e. A file is uploaded, and has a checksum calculated. Another user uploads a...
New Posts  All Forums: