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Looks like someone needs to get their ears/eyes checked out. Apple's agreements don't state you can only have one AppleID, and backing up has nothing to do with AppleIDs. I have two also, and I enquired once about having them merged, but they couldn't do it. It never really mattered back then, but I'm not sure how it'd work with iCloud... You can authorise an iDevice to work with multiple AppleIDs at the moment, it'll play DRM music from either AppleID. But with iCloud and...
Let's hope Apple isn't heading toward being the next Sony; making high quality products but with such a large catalog, they aren't particularly good at anything. Their Mac business seems to be on the backburner somewhat recently, it's not as profitable as iOS so they don't seem to be pushing it as much. I'd be surprised if Apple announced a TV, as there seems to be very slim profit margins in that area. Apple'd have to add some really, really awesome features to warrant...
It sure looks like Nokia is struggling if they're having to become patent trolls just to keep their heads above water.
It's not possible to stamp out stiff types of "liquidmetal" and aluminium. The metal is too brittle, and just snaps at the bend. The aluminium Apple used in the PowerBooks and first Macbooks is only "T0" aircraft grade aluminium. It's very soft, and so it can be bent to a shape easily with a press. The aluminium used in the Unibody Macbooks, Apple displays and iPads is much tougher. It's probably T3 or even T6. If you tried to press T3 or T6 to shape, it would just crack...
That's not true, nothing is written to the disk without being encrypted first. If what you say is true, the same problem would exist on a spinning disk too. Filevault (pre-Lion) is simply an encrypted disk image, where any data is encrypted before it is actually written to a disk (SSD, HDD, whichever). Any fragments of the FileVault image are encrypted, and thus useless without the key.
Stereo analog line out, stereo analog line in (iPhone only), serial accessory communication and detection, composite video out. Which can all be performed simultaneously, USB can't handle all that. Personally, I think it unlikely that Apple will add a USB port, partly due to it marring the iPad's clean exterior. Steve just wouldn't allow an extra port that isn't completely necessary, and will only have limited uses. I don't know anyone who downloads photos to their iPad...
*takes photos of 13" Macbook Air from 5 feet away, claims it's the all-new 11" MBA, and submits to AI*
So what's to prove this isn't just a poorly photographed GSM iPhone 4, with an ad-hoc app running? I could take much better pictures of my iPhone 4 and claim it's a Verizon iPhone too! I think AI has been a little too gullible in believing this rumour.
That's mainly due to the terrible graphics engine in WoW. It's really, really old and slow. Try Steam games, they run perfectly with max settings.
My FPS actually dropped slightly after the 10.6.5 beta, that's on a ATI 5770 (PC one, flashed to be Mac compatible). On my Macbook with a Nvidia card I can enable the effects in 10.6.4. Though seeing how much Blizzard were harping on about the "amazing water effects", they're far from anything special. Looks worse than before to me.Edit: Seems something broke anti-aliasing in 10.6.5 beta too, at least for WoW. It's fine in Left4Dead2.
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