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Actually, I read that part twice, to make sure that what I was writing was correct. To me, Wu seems to say "[MS] failed in replicating one of the key pieces of the unique iPod experience with its scrolling click-wheel", then later answers his own question by saying about patent infringement. I was simply wondering why Wu even thought about MS copying the click-wheel, when copying it would be obvious patent infringement.
Yes, I did read it all. Earlier in the article, Wu seems to wonder why they haven't copied the scroll wheel: "We find it interesting that Microsoft also opted to replicate an iPod-look like most others, but failed in replicating one of the key pieces of the unique iPod experience with its scrolling click-wheel and powerful catalog engine." Maybe you should read and understand what people have written before trying to flame them.
Damn gigabits... Ok, ok, no such thing as a 240Gb microdrive 8)
Ever heard of patents, Wu?There is no such thing (please correct me if I am wrong) as a 30Gb microdrive. The biggest I know of is 8Gb. What world is Woo living on...?
What was the non-standard power plug...? My 2003 G5 has a standard plug.
Ah yes, I remember that. Stupid UK laws...
Are you sure about that? I remember that used to be the case, but I think they've relaxed those laws now. I often see Sainsbury's saying how much lower their prices are than Tesco's. Although that's still a direct numerical comparison though I guess...
Ah yes... It was late... I've never actually seen one of those over here in the UK though.
I don't think Apple's Mac Marketing Department gets more than 10% of the funds that the iPod Marketing Department does. When was the last time you saw a Mac advert...?
So do I, It would be great if apple advertised it as well. Just imagine, one minute you see an ad for Vista with all it's non-existant features, then next you see an ad with OS X's amazing qualities and features. It would be great! I guess we'll be hitting OS X.4.10 soon!
New Posts  All Forums: