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No, that doesn't work. That doesn't remove old sync data from the server.
I had a problem where my calendars wouldn't sync with MobileMe, whenever I tried to add anything at www.me.com/calendar, it refreshed the page without adding my changes. To fix it, I went to the MobileMe System Preference, clicked the Sync tab, then advanced, and unregistered each of my Macs individually. This took a while, upto a minute each. When the last one finally unregistered, a few seconds later I was asked if I wanted to remove sync information form the server. I...
Very interesting read, thanks
Cool good to know someone's on it.
Ooh seems posts are jumping around again, even for Kasper :P
2GB? That's pretty huge for a phone. I suspect the limit is because Apple wouldn't want a developer to offer a huge download for free, as this would cost them a lot in bandwidth, and they wouldn't get anything back.
It's not a bug, it's supposed to happen. You can close the lid on your macbook with an external monitor, keyboard and power supply connected, and it'll act like a desktop Mac. The external display will become the main display, and the internal one will be switched off.
Seems good to me, Safari 3.0.4
Calm down... Let's keep the flaming to countries/governments and not people here shall we?
Personally I have always though joining the USA would be a great idea. They have their country's interests in the core of their government, whereas the UK government has interests everywhere except the UK. The EU just saps money from Brits too.
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