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Read the thread. Garbage collection doesn't work unless the controller on the SSD understands the filesystem. The controller can't reset blocks when it doesn't understand which are in use and which aren't.
Seems 10.6.4 shows the TRIM section in System Profiler on my Mac Pro 1,1. Was never there before, however my OCZ Vertex Turbo SSD (which does have TRIM support) is listed as "TRIM Support: No"...
That is not true. The auto garbage collection feature that's on some OCZ and Intel SSDs requires the drive to be formatted as NTFS (or possibly FAT). The firmware on the drive understands what the OS is doing, and when it sees a file deleted in the volume directory, it can reset the memory block. The drive does not know what blocks are in use and what blocks aren't after they have been written to by the OS. When you delete a file, the OS simply removes its entry in the...
They have. It's called the iPod Touch. It's unlikely they'd scale down the iPad, as it'd then just be an iPod.
I had this exact problem. If you scroll to the top of the list of resolutions in Display preferences (with your TV plugged in), you'll see the proper HDTV resolutions, 720i, 1080i, 1080p, etc. They even have a little TV icon next to them, shame they're hidden. Make sure your TV doesn't have some kind of screen zooming on too.
I'm not sure what ATIs mobile CPUs are like, but their desktop ones run extremely hot, which is perhaps why Apple's not using them in their portables.
Read the article. Apple can't just stick a Core i5 or i7 into a MacBook with the same chipset. Due to Intel being greedy bastards, Apple are being forced to use Intel's own chipset, which only has Intel integrated graphics. This means that they can't get decent graphics performance on machines without enough physical space for a dedicated GPU. That was the marvels of the Nvidia chipset, the 9400m gives good graphical performance on an integrated GPU, where the Intel...
Toooo slow :P
Just checked for updates on my Mac Mini server, and seems Apple just updated Safari again, to 4.0.3.
I'd say it's quite likely this will break Palm's syncing hack. Now iTunes probably uses more than just USB ID to identify the iPod/iPhone.Commonly known as Software Update?
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