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And Apple still hasn't made iTunes Radio available in the UK.Steaming is great for consumers IMO, at least for discovering music that you might then want to buy. The artist will no doubt indirectly make profit from the streamed music this way.I think streaming makes more sense with TV shows and movies though (à-la Netflix), since it's pretty common to only watch a show/movie once. You get the advantage of not requiring hordes of disk space too, since you don't actually...
There is no longer any mention of iTunes Radio on the Apple UK site at all. Going to the equivalent iTunes Radio URL on the UK Apple (http://www.apple.com/itunes/itunes-radio/ vs http://www.apple.com/uk/itunes/itunes-radio/) site just gives a 404. The Australian site has the same URL as the US site, so I think it's safe to say it really has been abandoned here.I do have a US account I occasionally use for iTunes Radio but with ads, and IMO it's not really that great...
What about iTunes Radio over here? Or has that been completely abandoned?
That's very true and I agree, since unless there was some huge effort to harmonise tax law, big companies would end up paying corporation tax in their base country (i.e. USA for Apple) and in the country they're selling to. That's not fair by a long shot.The Euro is a failure especially, it's the main cause of the EU's problems; things in Greece are so expensive relative to wages that no one can afford them, but in Germany products are relatively cheap. The reason Germany...
The EU originally stated that a company should operate from one country in the EU (of which companies chose the tax havens Ireland and Luxembourg) and then charge VAT set by the country they are based in, not the where the customer resides. When companies started avoiding paying heaps of tax using this EU-sanctioned method, politicians got annoyed, so the EU and the same politicians started trying to blame the companies for using the EU-sanctioned VAT system/loophole. They...
I bet Google is sorely disappointed that they can't collect user's fingerprints.
They could check the credit cards were registered at the same address. Easy.
It seems stupid to me that you can't have a separate payment card for each person in the family sharing account, i.e if I add my girlfriend to Family Sharing, any purchases made by her are billed to me. I want to share apps etc but pay for them separately. Is that so difficult?
Seems the article link on the front page is broken
Yeah I get that too. It seems a fairly small imperfection completely messes up recognition.It's only faster if it works first time, otherwise the repeated touch-let go-touch-let go is slower than a passcode.
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