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I agree it'd be no good to have a sloped side like the air, if it had then it'd pretty much be a 15" MBA. However, if the flat on each side was just a millimetre or two more, then an "old" Magsafe adapter would have worked fine. The old Magsafe plug isn't exactly fat. With an extra few millimetres they might even have been able to (gasp) have upgradable RAM.Funny. Of course there are cases where new ports and standards are necessary, but this new Magsafe connector has...
    I'm not sure where you got that from?    I think it's ridiculous that Apple keeps introducing different ports and standards. As others have said, the old Magsafe port was fine on the Air which is half the thickness of the MacBook Pro, now we have to have yet another adapter for this new "Magsafe 2" fad. It's all very well making things thinner, but if you need to cart a bagful of adapters with you wherever you go, that seems to defeat the purpose somewhat. Of course...
Have you ever tried actually pulling a Kensington lock out of the slot? We had a heap of iMacs stolen, every Kensington lock (genuine ones, not cheap Chinese rip-offs) had broken at the cross section of the T. We experimented with them afterward, and a sharp tug at the correct angle and the T just snaps right off. Complete waste of time and absolutely no security at all.   I do agree with you about the Mac Pro though, and I'm sure many others do too. I'm still on a 2006...
Looks like Apple just released Java update 2012-003, which claims to remove the flashback trojan.
Apple managed to fit a Geforce 5200 into the 12" PowerBook and get good battery life around 6-7 years ago. You'd think they'd be able to take some miniaturisation cues from the iPhone and fit a dedicated GPU into a 13" chassis too.
But 12? MacRumors has three, even Ars Technica has half what this site has, and they get plenty more visitors for sure. Just seems AI is being a tad hypocritical.
The only Airplay-like standard I know of is DNLA. And it doesn't work. The files have to be in exactly the right format, or they won't be in sync, will be blocky or just won't work at all. Files that work on one TV mightn't work on another from a different manufacturer. It's a real mess. At least with Airplay it works pretty much all the time. I'm not aware of any open standard that is similar to FaceTime, care to link any?
I have to agree with you, why does AI feel the need to have 12 ad networks attached to their pages? With all this recent storm over privacy, you'd think AI would take action before someone noticed. \
Google has been copying Apple's (patented) touchscreen paradigms and ideas from the day the iPhone was unveiled. Samsung has copied Apple's (patented) designs, though they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. There really is no point in discussing something with someone as immature as yourself, as you've proven you can't accept anyone's arguments favouring Apple, even though the truth is obvious. You just come up with irrelevant nonsense that makes no real...
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