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I think Apple needs to make the iPad better value for money software-wise. It needs more creation features, maybe haptic feedback to improve its keyboard. It's great as a consumption device, but iOS (on iPad) is frustrating when trying to do any real work imo.
Excellent? He's one of the idiots who derided Apple for not reaching the his forecast of 53M iPhones that he plucked out from thin air, pushing their share price through the floor.
Ming throwing shit and seeing what sticks as usual. Why does anyone listen to him at all? Just because he hasn't heard of anything other than Force Touch (which is also a rumour and may not happen) doesn't mean Force Touch is the only thing. What an utter idiot. Edit: I thank you AI mods for not modifying my posts to your own ends, especially without notifying me or posting a message that you have done. What other posts do you edit to fit better with you ideology?...
I doubt Apple will switch to OLED until it's got a colour spectrum thats on a par with LCD, since they do pride themselves on the colour accuracy and gamut.
This is all because Ive has moved onto a different role. No one will buy it now it's 0.2mm thicker, since that's all anyone anywhere cares about, same reason the iMacs have to be as thin as possible. No wonder Apple's shares are sliding. /sI much prefer it on the top too. When trying to change the volume I turn off the phone half the time.
Ha, "taped".
That is all.
My 13" 2015 MBP seems to have high kernel CPU usage whenever anything else is using more than a few percent CPU, and it gets stuck with a black screen on wake sometimes. Maybe this will fix it, sometimes these things can be related.
Pretty dull, uninspiring and unremarkable imo. Not a scratch on Apple's earlier story driven ads that really catch your attention and make you listen. This feels much more like an ad a retailer such as Argos in the UK, or maybe Wallmart in the U.S. would do.
You obviously didn't bother to read the 4 comments above yours.
New Posts  All Forums: