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Yep, exactly how the EU intended, so their own Eurocrats can pay as little tax as possible. The EU guidance states companies need only have one base in Europe and operate from there. Then when the companies do just that, the EU moans that they aren't paying enough tax. They set the rules and complain when companies follow them.The EC is deeply unpopular right now, and this is just an attempt to try to make themselves seem less useless and inept, when infact it just...
I was under the impression it doesn't need carrier support, the Mac just makes the call via Ethernet/wifi to the iPhone which actually connects over the cellular network and places the call. It's VoIP to iPhone, then standard GSM/3/4G onwards.
I'm sure he said it'd "evolve" in 2013. And 2012. Probably 2011 too for that matter. But I agree, more content icons isn't evolution.Why oh why don't they revert back to the AppleTV 1 TV show listing style, where you had a list of TV shows and each season as a subcategory of the TV show's title. I've got quite a lot of TV shows, and I have to scroll through a massive list of every season of every TV show to find anything. It's utterly stupid. All I can figure is no one at...
Ah-ha, that didn't come across sorry :P
Just coz you put it in +7 size doesn't make it true. Nor does Tim saying it, he's no audio engineer.http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/monster-beats-dr-dre-solohttp://itsjustjustin.com/you-dont-always-get-what-you-paid-for/2622http://itsjustjustin.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Monster-Beats-by-Dre-vs-Beyerdynamic-DT-880.pnghttp://www.forbes.com/sites/geoffreymorrison/2013/11/09/10-headphones-better-than-beats/
Because Beats is nothing like Apple. As I stated before, they produce plasticky tat with crap sound reproduction aimed at kids with too much money. Their streaming service is tiny compared to Apple's, and that's their only two businesses. What makes you think it's a good idea? [add excessive question marks as desired]
Why do I need to run a company to see that acquiring Beats is a bad idea?
Why Apple's interested in this poor quality plasticy tat is beyond me. Beats is a fad aimed at the kids with too much of their parent's money rather than being a desirable product like the rest of Apple's lineup. Where do we sign to ditch Cook?
April 1st already passed this year...
Where are the "ugly" / "biased" comments? All I see are a few posts trying to defend their county from China's land grab. Hasn't China got enough land already?!
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