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It is a soldering issue, specifically with the solder itself. The lead-free stuff just isn't able to flex without cracking unlike the leaded solder, and since GPUs tend to get hotter than CPUs the solder cracks before it does on the CPU. I never use the lead-free crap in any electronics I make, and I've never ended up with a dry joint.The EU demanded under ROHS (Restriction Of Hazardous Substances) that lead be removed from all electronics around 2006/7, and since then...
They remove those at the same time they're controversially trying to spin off messenger functions into a separate app...?
Samsung should be pleased with the ridiculously low damages awarded. The appeal court can just as easily raise the damages as they can lower them.
I get the long wait before it loads too. It only sends a few megabytes over the network though, and the progress "pie" is only about 1/3 the way through by the time the network has quietened. As previously mentioned, the library loads almost instantly on the AppleTV - which in my case has a slower connection to iTunes (N WiFi vs 100mbps Ethernet).That annoys me too. For some simple things such as a Siri web search, a simple sandboxed version of Safari with no personal info...
The zooming animations are quicker, as is TouchID recognition, which is great as typing the 4 digit passcode in took about the same time as fingerprint recognition for me with 7.0.x. The UK voices are good but not quite as smooth as the American ones. The male one still sounds a bit like he's talking through foam (the old UK Daniel voice was awful, people would comment on how bad it was. It was really muffled and weird), but the female is nice and clear.
I don't understand why Apple doesn't have special iDevices at the Apple stores with ROM in instead of flash memory. When the retards who steal them try to sync them with iTunes, they won't be able to, and no amount of Jailbreaking would help either. Also the crooks wouldn't be able able to turn off find my iDevice either.
Well would you look at that, I along with many others was right all along. USB 2 on iPhone 5. Oh and no Thunderbolt!The chip is tuned for each cable to improve communication, nothing to do with the future optical cables. With fibre TB cables, the optical transceiver would be in the connector, not the socket.
Apple could probably get away with using 8 pins for USB3, as the standard plug has two grounds. Apple could combine the two grounds and use just one pin instead of two.I also hope it's not USB3. If it is, you can guarantee a jump in accessory prices as they'll have to have fairly complex digital circuitry in. Especially for HDMI and VGA. The processing will need to be done externally to the iDevice, I.e. in the accessory, instead of in the phone with its existing...
That is about the only way it could be done. It would actually close the circuit not open it (no current flows in an open circuit). Seems a bit clunky though, a bit of dirt or dust blocking the button's release would cause a short when removing the connector.There are other issues too: the metal edge of the connector would cause hideous wear to the gold coated pins in the iDevice unless they somehow lifted out the way before insertion.The exposed pins on the plug would...
Err, this has been possible since iOS 4, other than the notification bar at the top. I have had a Navigon satnav app ever since it first came out, and had it direct me from the background many a time.
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