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I wish Apple would allow selective restore, so you could reset the phone and selectively restore apps. The only option is to restore the phone entirely, with all or no apps. I find resetting the phone after a while speeds it up no end, and I prefer to reset on major upgrades (iOS 8 > 9). Continually upgrading means you end up with cruft from iOS 4/5/6 on the latest iOS release. Plus you can't backup/restore the health data individually, so if you have a problem with your...
Hahaha again?! I'm so glad I uninstalled.
From my observations, it seems people don't want a Windows phone at least in part due to its association with Windows on the desktop. Windows on the desktop is regarded by the general populace as slow, buggy, crash prone and virus ridden. Despite it not necessarily being the same case on mobile, people generally seem to link the two. It's typical of MS to misunderstand their target market again; people use PCs because generally in a work environment they have no choice -...
I have no problem with LGBT people, but I can't understand why some of us love to shove our sexuality into the faces of others. Is that really necessary? As far as marriage is concerned, that was originally a Christian ideal, and so isn't compatible with same sex couples. What is wrong with a civil partnership? In the UK at least, it gave you identical rights to marriage.
Yes they all perform garbage collection, but contrary to what I thought, seemingly only some (probably the ones that're losing data) Samsung drives have filesystem aware GC code. So TRIM is essential to keep the drive performing optimally, since when it runs out of empty blocks, it will have to erase before writes. TRIM tells the drive what files have been deleted so the blocks can be erased in the background, ready for immediate use next time. The OS doesn't normally...
It would be unusual if Apple creates more space inside with the aim of something other than making it thinner. Though in this instance... I wouldn't complain if it was a tad thinner.
I hope so too. Many do, I'm sure. One thing the Greeks say that I do agree with is that the EU is undemocratic. Rejected ex-politicians who fall into a position of power in Europe with no recourse.
Exactly, and huge pensions for the retirees at the state retirement age of late 40s, and borrowing endlessly with seemingly no intention of paying it back.Not sure it's going to really put a "squeeze" on Apple subscriptions in the grand scheme of things though, since Greece isn't exactly a massive Apple hub nor a sizeable economy at all. A few percent of the total European economic output. Tsipras is looking pretty stupid too, since him & his government keep making...
Do they definitely carry out garbage collection on HFS volumes? If they do, TRIM is redundant on those.
It's not broken but it doesn't work. Garbage collection only works when the controller built into the SSD understands the file system. And I don't know of any that understand HFS. The TRIM command is sent from the OS which knows what blocks have been freed.
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