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Ah, so even if identical drives are used in the TC, no one has anything to worry about since they only fail in the iMac, not the TC. Right.OTOH, Apple used to specify the TC used "server grade" hard disks, though this was disputed when it was found out they used I think it was WD Black drives.
I am offended that there is nothing but a yellow cat emoji. There are black, ginger, tabby, white and tortoiseshell coloured cats, so where is the multi-colour emoji for them?? These Unicode people are so racist, giving preferential treatment to yellow humans. Geez.
Since about 10.7 this seems to have been the case, which is around when they abandoned the Xserve and told everyone to use Mac Minis instead...
I agree... More than a few emojis and it takes so long to scroll through that it's tiresome, and with that many you have no idea whether one exists for whatever you're looking for anyway.
Nope. Loose is something that is not tight, lose is to be deprived of something.
Seems like my late 2012 27" iMac had a firmware update with 10.10.4, since I got the older "thick" progress bar for a while, then a reboot, and back to the thin one. My boot ROM version is now IM131.010A.B08, the latest listed on Apple's site (but only for the 21" version) is IM131.010A.B05.
Like AI's 80+ JavaScript trackers?
Like this?
I had a similar thing, my order said 3-4 weeks and then in the Apple Store app new orders were showing 1-2 weeks, so I cancelled and re-ordered, and the watch turned up 3 days later.
Is that really worth it? I think I charge the batteries in my keyboard about once every 3 months, and that's with fairly heavy daily use. The mouse is probably every 3 weeks, an inductive power supply for that would be more sensible since it could be in a mouse mat and wouldn't require that dock thing.
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