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Can we get some price cuts in the UK too pretty please? The base iMac (with MBA internals) is $1099, and £899 in the UK. Conversion from 1099USD to GBP is £652. Add the sales tax/VAT and you get to £782. That's still a significant chunk more than they cost in the US. Yes business is expensive in the UK/Europe, but not that expensive. The other Macs are worse: the 15" MBP is $1999 which converts to £1186. Plus VAT=£1423. That's a £176 hike... It's not like they have to...
I said the 2009 Xserve is faster than the base 2013 Mac Pro, the very best 2013 Mac Pro is only twice as fast as the 2009 Xserve. I can't make it much clearer than that.If Apple put two 12 core CPUs in the Mac Pro as they could with the old design (or the Xserve design) the speed increase would be many times faster than the 2009 Xserve as opposed to just twice as fast. Doubling the speed in 6 years isn't much of an improvement in the grand scheme of things. Read up on...
Agreed, for medical purposes it can be used to diagnose broken joints/inflammation.Sorry what?
Best stop all advertising of products for kids on TV or anywhere else then, since that's persuading children/adults to buy. While we're at it, better put sweets and toys into plain packaging too and hide it behind curtains in shops. Maybe toy shops should be banned altogether.Geez the EU really doesn't know when to keep their heads down, since they're deeply unpopular right now.
AppleID is "pervasive"? Pervasive is generally an unwanted thing...
Yup. They seem to have such a hard time in new product segments, apart from the Xbox, which is their only real home-grown success story. They add useless bloat that no one wants, using these new "features" as an attempt to justify incompatibility with new versions that are bundled on new PCs. This of course bumps up sales since people can't open the new format on their older version of Office/whatever.I think part of the reason why their "Windows" branded stuff...
Uh you might be sure, but I'll trust more reliable sources such as Forbes than your opinion, sorry.Though I agree completely that Ballmer was (at least partly) to blame for leading MS into its current catatonic state.
If you read the post I quoted, you'd see it was a reply to AjbDtc826 claiming Ballmer was to blame for these cuts, when he wasn't the one directly instigating them.
Uh, really.
Uh, you realise Ballmer has been gone for 6 months?
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