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I hope so too. Many do, I'm sure. One thing the Greeks say that I do agree with is that the EU is undemocratic. Rejected ex-politicians who fall into a position of power in Europe with no recourse.
Exactly, and huge pensions for the retirees at the state retirement age of late 40s, and borrowing endlessly with seemingly no intention of paying it back.Not sure it's going to really put a "squeeze" on Apple subscriptions in the grand scheme of things though, since Greece isn't exactly a massive Apple hub nor a sizeable economy at all. A few percent of the total European economic output. Tsipras is looking pretty stupid too, since him & his government keep making...
Do they definitely carry out garbage collection on HFS volumes? If they do, TRIM is redundant on those.
It's not broken but it doesn't work. Garbage collection only works when the controller built into the SSD understands the file system. And I don't know of any that understand HFS. The TRIM command is sent from the OS which knows what blocks have been freed.
I'm liking Apple Music quite a lot already. It integrates well the existing library, it's like a good version of Spotify!
That is very handy. No more disabling kext signing and binary modification to force it on.Hopefully discoveryd has been ditched from iOS too, every piece of network hardware will thank Apple.
You did it too! :P
Seems 10.4.4 (oops too many 4s) 10.10.4 is out too!
Is this the end of iTunes Radio then?
It's pretty poor that Apple stuff which is marketed as "premium" only has a year warranty anyway. It doesn't put much weight behind their claim of quality. In the UK, the Sale of Goods Act mandates that premium products have in some cases a 6 year claim period for defects. And in Europe in general there's a 2 (iirc) year period but the onus is essentially on the buyer to prove its a fault from the factory. An Italian regutor sued Apple for failing to honour the 2 year EU...
New Posts  All Forums: