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Yup. They seem to have such a hard time in new product segments, apart from the Xbox, which is their only real home-grown success story. They add useless bloat that no one wants, using these new "features" as an attempt to justify incompatibility with new versions that are bundled on new PCs. This of course bumps up sales since people can't open the new format on their older version of Office/whatever.I think part of the reason why their "Windows" branded stuff...
Uh you might be sure, but I'll trust more reliable sources such as Forbes than your opinion, sorry.Though I agree completely that Ballmer was (at least partly) to blame for leading MS into its current catatonic state.
If you read the post I quoted, you'd see it was a reply to AjbDtc826 claiming Ballmer was to blame for these cuts, when he wasn't the one directly instigating them.
Uh, really.
Uh, you realise Ballmer has been gone for 6 months?
Oh that's pretty nice, thanks for that.
Not that I could find. Surprising really since it's been years since Apple dropped it.Don't I know it. I just don't like keeping another app running & getting in the way to check RSS feeds. Maybe a little menu extra would be nice.
That is very true, but since RSS links to websites, an in-browser RSS reader seems logical to me.The lack of support on iOS for browser notifications is annoying imo.
An RSS feed? What the hell use is that since Safari doesn't support them anymore in an attempt to force (admittedly better) push notifications...
You really should stop posting. You're making yourself look very foolish indeed. If you had the slightest clue, you'd realise that 64-bit processing adds little to the CPU speed, the Geekbench scores improve by a few percent on the 64-bit tab. So LOL!!!! back to you.It hardly "blows it away". The very best Mac Pro is scored at twice the Xserve, which for a three year gap is pretty poor.The lesser specced Mac Pros are slower than the Xserves. Look at non-Mac computers on...
New Posts  All Forums: