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Sounds more like the video card to me, but to be sure you'd have to hook it up to a different computer or a different screen to your Mac.
Bit of an oxymoron you've got there, Flash for card security screens? Hmm...
I've had enough.
Hull?? What about Bristol and Cardiff that've got 430,000 and 350,000 people living there vs Hull's 250k!?
Regarding the health database being deleted, it'd be really handy to be able to restore particular aspects of iOS (such as text message history, health data) and to choose which apps to restore data for after a full restore, rather than all or nothing. I prefer to do a "restore upgrade" with major updates (iOS 6 > iOS 7, 7 > 8) to get rid of cruft, but then I lose health data and text message history etc. Things are definitely faster after an erase & restore too.
So at least one of the drives is confirmed to be Seagate.I have no idea why, but Windows seems to be constantly reading/writing to its disk. No matter how long you leave it idle, its still rattling away. Turning off superfetch seems to help but still, it never seems to be truly idle.
I know the OP says double the thickness, but Apple could add a fair bit of battery life by having it as thick as the 4s; which is by no means twice as thick as the 6 and imo, not bulky at all. In fact, I gave my old 4 to my dad and he uses it a fair bit for Internet radio over 3G. Even with the original battery, its battery life is comparable to my 5s, which is pretty disappointing. My 5s seems to use loads of battery when it's just idle.
Considering how they rave about shaving 0.5mm off whatever device they're touting at the time, then just mentioning battery life in passing, it does seem to be pretty high on their priority list. If it wasn't, would we really have 5mm thick desktops?Don't get me wrong - I think it's an incredible feat of engineering that goes into making these devices so thin, but that's just it, it seems more like an engineering exercise over practicality.
If that's the case, why does "thin" always come out as the primary consideration before all others, even when it doesn't matter (iMac)? I think Apple's done a great job on the 2015 Macbook Pro in trading off battery and thinness, it's just about perfect; great battery life and thin enough to be super portable. I was surprised too how quickly it charges vs my old 2008 MBP.IMO though, the iPhone's battery is lacking, which is a shame considering they've got the most...
Err, I said the exact opposite; the likelihood is they are one of two brands as there were only two manufacturers (Seagate and WD) making 3TB drives at the time.Perhaps you should find something new to waste your time arguing about, as I've stated the facts and probabilities but you are apparently ignoring them. There's little doubt Apple's smarter than you too, as they've got you right in their palm and have convinced you that everything is fine and dandy. Fingers in ears...
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