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Interesting graph, thanks. Aluminium is weird in that when it's heated, it doesn't really go through much of a "softer" stage, it just suddenly liquifies, as shown on the graph. Bit like how ice doesn't get soft when warmed.Fatigue will actually make the point harder, and liable to crack rather than bend. The recessed volume buttons will decrease the strength at the buttons though. I've not seen a teardown so it might have these already, but milling strengthening ridges...
Better battery life too.
Apple uses many custom chips in their Macs, ones they've designed, ones designed by Intel, Realtek, Broadcom, Atheros and many more. The /System/Library/Extensions folder has 230 items in, most of which are hardware drivers. Would adding one more be such a terrible thing? Even then, it took Apple 8 months after the USB 3 chipset was on sale from Intel to release a desktop with USB 3. In technology circles, 8 months is an age.I completely agree. I'm glad Volex make Apple's...
Err... No. Melting point of aluminium: 660C. Your pocket: 37C.
Johnny Ive's obsession with thinness strikes again.
Inductive charging is pretty useless for anything with a battery the size of the Air, since if it was charging at a rate of 4.5w, the 54Wh battery would take 12 hours to charge, and longer if you were using the device. Plus you have to comply with EMI regulations, you can't go pumping several watts of radio waves into the air without a licence. For reference, most WiFi routers output something between 0.02-0.1w.This. It took Apple ages to adopt USB 3 too. They don't really...
I've never replaced a USB A > B cable, though the USB Micro ones are crap, they're too fragile. The USB Mini are ok it seems. Apple Lightning cables however, I replace every few months... The UV in sunlight seemingly attacks them, and the strain reliefs are woefully inadequate.I have a drawer dedicated to Apple adapters, I have more Apple adapters than I any other by far.
With £1.99 cables or £25 cables? Will it be yet another display connector change from Apple to support reversible (Original Apple Display Connector > High Density Original Apple Display Connector > VGA > Digital Apple Display Connector > DVI > Mini DVI >Micro DVI > DisplayPort > DisplayPort Reversible)?
All of which involves me buying a new one. Upgrades mean I don't need to buy a new one. Can't you see how buying a new one uses infinitely more energy than keeping the old?I was referring to the iMac, obviously a phone hasn't got upgradable RAM because it would be a pointless and completely imbalanced size vs longevity compromise. The iMac doesn't need to compromise on features vs size though, but Apple does anyway.The dilemma isn't false, non upgradable desktop RAM is a...
Me too, though I did have to swap it due to a squeaky PSU. The store said they'd just get me a new one since it's so hard to get inside them.
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