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Is this the end of iTunes Radio then?
It's pretty poor that Apple stuff which is marketed as "premium" only has a year warranty anyway. It doesn't put much weight behind their claim of quality. In the UK, the Sale of Goods Act mandates that premium products have in some cases a 6 year claim period for defects. And in Europe in general there's a 2 (iirc) year period but the onus is essentially on the buyer to prove its a fault from the factory. An Italian regutor sued Apple for failing to honour the 2 year EU...
Yep, I do use my iPhone for radio over cellular, calls though the car radio, maps works fine with the built in GPS, the remote on my steering wheel controls the iPhone, about the only thing I don't have is a reversing camera. But still, all that goes over one USB cable with a radio that was about £150. Charges the phone at the same time too.Just because you can't envisage setup/usage different to your own/the Apple way as ideal, doesn't mean it's not ideal for other...
I mean that if Windows (I've observed this on 7 at least) is constantly reading/writing, its overall activity is more than OS X. I know OS X does maintenance too, but now for example, there's no activity going on at all, whereas if I start a Windows VM, it seems to never stop reading/writing.
It does if you use the headphone socket to connect to an amplifier. I did that with my iPhone for years.Ah, it's you again.I have an aftermarket head unit too, a Pioneer one, though it's not Carplay compatable. As others have stated, the Pioneer software is pretty bad, and the user input controls especially.I use my iPhone in a similar vein to the Carplay stuff; I get radio via 3G, external GPS antenna isn't required, adding a backup camera accessed over the lightning...
Good god, you'd do better to stick an iPad in there for half the price.
Sounds more like the video card to me, but to be sure you'd have to hook it up to a different computer or a different screen to your Mac.
Bit of an oxymoron you've got there, Flash for card security screens? Hmm...
I've had enough.
Hull?? What about Bristol and Cardiff that've got 430,000 and 350,000 people living there vs Hull's 250k!?
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