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Unfortunately Photos decided to delete 20gb of my Photos library after installing this update. So make sure you have good backups...!
Since Apple announced it'd be available in the UK "soon" and all mention of it has since vanished from the Apple UK site, I think the complaints are warranted.
Hopefully it won't be against Apple's ToS to have an open source API for HomeKit on something like the Arduino, since that's where a lot of people start. There'd be a virtually unlimited number of HomeKit devices if people could make their own. But I fear it'll only be available to $99 paying clients.
China's government seems to only believe itself...
Wait what? Solar panels powering a power plant? The panels ARE the power plant, and when it goes dark, they don't produce any power. So you mean you could only charge your car during sunny days?It's true that it's easier to scrub the exhaust gasses in one place, but the transmission and storage of the energy and ultimate conversion back to kinetic loses a significant proportion of the energy generated at the plant. The power line heating losses, motor losses, generator...
Solar would be fine until the night time. Or when it's cloudy. What happens then? Everyone has to walk? Inductive is a good idea, but the pickup coil would need to be essentially rubbing along the ground, and anything electrical near the road would be fried in an instant. It would essentially be a country-wide radio transmitter, so say goodbye to radio transmissions too. Even watches could pick up current from the induction and burn into your wrist. Sounds fun.But where...
I can see that stealing IP is bad, but wasn't there just a big lawsuit against anti-poaching agreements between tech giants preventing people's employment at competitors? If someone wants to up and leave to get a different job elsewhere, unless contracted otherwise, they're free to do just that.
A street-level "flyover" would be great, and make Google's effort look tacky by comparison. However, they have one hell of a long way to go if they want to catch up to Google, simply in the number of miles they need to travel with their LiDAR cars. I guess this is in the testing stage at the moment. It does make sense though, with enough photos taken, you'd be able to smoothly "fly" past the houses rather than the jumps you make with Google's version.
I wonder how many zero-day exploits they'd find in Android. Maybe they should turn their attention to that. That said, Apple should have fixed these by now if they really were properly notified 90 days ago.
New Posts  All Forums: