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Me too, though I did have to swap it due to a squeaky PSU. The store said they'd just get me a new one since it's so hard to get inside them.
So should I sell it and go buy another? If it was upgradable I wouldn't have to buy another. Upgrading wouldn't require a whole new machine to be made if Apple's thinness OCD was toned down a notch. Buying anything newly manufactured will lays be less eco-friendly than just upgrading a component or two.
Your point? The 5s home button is concave yes, but it doesn't protrude, Also AI reported a design tweak where Apple recessed the volume buttons and lock switch on the iPad to make them less intrusive, why'd they make tiny tweaks like that if they were going to have the camera poke out on their flagship phone?
It doesn't, but when you buy a car you expect to be able to change the tyres instead of throwing the whole thing away. I'm not sure of any PC desktop that is completely non-upgradable, I think Johnny is saying in secret "I wonder how much hardware functionality we can remove from these machines before people stop buying them!?"Selling and buying a new Mac leaves you with a net loss of around £500 on high-end gear, more RAM is £50 tops.Why should I have to buy extra bits...
So throw it away and get a new one? How eco-friendly, which is what Apple's supposedly all about. Who cares if a desktop is a few grams lighter or a couple mm thicker because it doesn't have a RAM access door? No one.You just said you have no desire to upgrade anything, so iPhone 6 is not allowed, sorry ;P
I like the designs too, but I think he's a bit OCD over thinness. The top complaint about iPhones is battery life, which could be fixed in one fell swoop by making it a mm or two thicker and having a decent sized battery. When's the last time you heard anyone complain that the iPhone is too fat?
Inability to upgrade RAM without using a pizza slicer to get the screen off is innovation? Nope.
I must be one of the 10% who would rather a slightly thicker phone with a better battery, better camera and the ability to put it down without it rocking.What extra functionality do you gain by having a phone 0.77mm thinner? Would anyone even notice the difference if you put two phones together with 0.77mm difference between them? I think not.
This is Johnny I've remember; he's shaving millimetres off of desktops when it's completely unnecessary and actually reduces function... Therefore I'm leaning toward the former, even though it'd look really ugly as it does on the Touch. Plus they don't seem to care much about battery life on the 5s, mine's crap.
I think the only micro USB socketed device I own is the AppleTV, which I've never plugged into anything except the TV and mains. But I have seen USB micro sockets/plugs on Android phones and thought how flimsy they look. I've seen photos of deformed USB micro sockets too, they're just too small to be tough enough for daily unplugging/replugging.
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