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Obviously there won't be, but there's a difference between specific, unusual needs (ExpressCard slot for example, or perhaps Blu-Ray) and what the general populace needs: a "standard" USB port and more than one of them. Without these essentials the target market for this MacBook seems extremely small. There really is no excuse for having just one USB-C port, which is pretty ridiculous since there are a multitude of devices that charge from USB. Juggling between using the...
I had this on my 13" rMBP. Restarted and a partially created user existed, so I created another with a temporary name and then erased the former with the temporary one. Kinda weird, I hadn't chosen to allow my iCloud password to unlock the Mac.
That one vanished with Mavericks or Yosemite I had noticed the Maps icon, but I'd not thought about the glasses Nicely spotted.
Easter egg?! Apple?! I haven't seen an Apple Easter egg since the OS 8 days, where you could hold option and go about the Finder (iirc) and it'd show you a picture of Apple's campus
The problem IMO is that because single port is used for everything, it's all the more inconvenient than if it was a single port for a specific purpose (power, for example). It means people will be constantly fumbling around swapping power/USB stick/phone/whatever, at least if it had one dedicated charging port (a-la MagSafe) and one USB-C port, it'd be much less hassle. But as it is now, if the battery is low and you need to use a peripheral, you have to wait for the MB to...
If this is true, there's still a huge amount of work still to be done on iCloud photo library. My library has become stuck uploading, which is seemingly a common problem. Plus the online iCloud.com photo library has been "preparing" forever. It loses track of which photos are uploaded and not, deleting originals when you disable the library. I think some form of LAN syncing would be better, since most people have a slow upload connection but fast LAN/WiFi connections.
Sorry I was really referencing the new MB, with its 5w CPU. I'm not sure what the power consumption of the display is, but it is quite a big percentage when talking about the new MB and the iPads.A few percentage points isn't really much when the LEDs are already 90% efficient. I'd like to measure the power usage of the iPad display, I've got an ageing iPad 2 that might be a backlight donor... I read on the Beeb a few years ago that someone had invented an LED that...
Great if you really really need the thinness (maybe you have to slip the MacBook under people's doors daily in your job?), but "on a par" with a 4 year old machine is not really much to be proud of. Especially when the current MacBook Air is almost as thin, has better battery and a much beefier CPU. In fact, my 2008 Macbook scores 1500 single core, so a 20% single core improvement after 6 years really isn't great. Apples and oranges I know, but even so.
Thing is, the CPU & radios, etc are so efficient it's really all about the power the screen (specifically backlight) uses. LEDs are getting brighter per watt, but when you're already converting virtually all of the energy put into the LEDs into light, there's not really anywhere left to go. That's why Apple's changed around their LCD transistors so they to squeeze more light through the LCD panel itself. OLED is really the next level in display efficiency, but I don't see...
Personally I'd much rather an extra 2 hours of battery life than a device that's 0.5mm thinner. An iPhone 4 thickness iPhone 6 would have the best battery of all smartphones, which surely is a better metric to judge by than how thin it is...?
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