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Does anyone know if the internal speaker has been improved? I know the ear piece speaker for the phone has been updated The internal speaker in my iPhone 4 is barely audible at full volume If I play a You Tube video or listen to music, I have to hold the phone near my ear to hear it It would be nice to know if they addressed this problem
I just found the manual for the software on line. You must use a computer voice in the voice settings. Here is the answer, in case you wan to try it: The TomTom app makes use of text-to-speech technology to generate computer voices. They provide spoken instructions while you are driving and can pronounce street names and status messages. A text-to-speech program converts written text, for example an instruction like “Turn right”, into the sound of a human...
I have the most recent version of the Tom Tom app on my iPhone. I was under the assumption that it would speak the city and street names. I get all the other announcement like turn left, turn right etc.etc. but no street names. Am I overlooking something. Could not find anything in the settings for this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have an Apple Airport Extreme. I want to hook up a Airport Express to use just as an extender. Must I hook the Express via ethernet to the Extreme to set it up or will the Extreme find the Express by just plugging into the AC outlet. Thanks for any assistance in this matter.
I cannot get Domain Resolution to work on my iPhone 3GS when it is running through my Airport Extreme via WiFi. In order to go to a website I must type in the full domain name, for example, www.ABC.com. On 3G it works fine. It also works fine on my Mac Pro via Safari. Is there perhaps a setting on my Airpot Extreme that must be changed. Any help would be appreciated.
I just received a Kinyo 2.0 Portable Speaker for my iphone. It has a built in amplifier and plugs into the headphone jack. If you are looking for more volume on your iPhone, this is the way to go. BIG improvement over the built in speaker. You can see it here: http://www.theistore.com/kinyo_2_dot...ker?model_id=0
I recently bought memory, a hard drive and 2nd optical drive from OWC for my new Mac Pro. Great prices!!!! www.otherworldcomputing.com/
I finally received my memory from OWC last week. I have it installed and it is running well!!!
I recently purchased an Apple USB modem to use with my new Mac Pro with Leopard. I have the modem attached to rear USB port on the tower. According to the instructions that come with the modem, I am to go to Sys Pref/Network. I am supposed to see a message indicating that the computer has detected a new port. I am not getting this message. Any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks
I ordered RAM from Other World Computing last week and never received it. It is on back order.
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