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That's too bad for Apple shareholders.   Quarterly sales will have to prove the downgrades were bad calls.   Apple needs to finalize the new Power Mac production in the U.S.  I'm sure many pros are waiting on that baby.  The dip in Mac sales has put some doubt in Apple on top of other worries that they are not innovating.  Apple fans know different though.  One thing that bothers me is that Apple holds a ton of cash overseas when they could be using that for job creation...
All is fair in business.  Apple won't be selling the iPhone 4 after September's iPhone refresh anyway.  
  That may be true at some companies but is not the trend with buying Macs and putting Win7 on it.  The last two employers I've been with (one 50k employees and my current of 6k) allow executives to run what they pretty much want to.  That has required Exchange 2010 to support the Macs that the execs claim they need. If they want the latest Dell XPS transforming laptop or a Surface then they can get that.   Windows 8 is a requirement to run RSAT (remote server...
I didn't think the Surface was that bad.  The Surface RT was pretty worthless in my opinion.  For a laptop replacement the Surface Pro is needed for the corporate environment.     I'm hoping Microsoft won't just give up and instead try again making improvements to the hardware and OS.  With corporations they might find a good following eventually.  Microsoft's cash cows seem to be on a slow spiral down with no near term fix.
Open has been successful though. Android took the feature phone and buried it. Everyone has been better off with Android on the cheaper phones. I don't know if Google has been all about profit. Maybe they just want to elevate the level of technology out in the world. In other words - be good. Google Glass is a good example of that.
  Nor for me.  I think the author is confused.  This is a feature that Google pronounces as an advantage over Siri.  Quite frankly it is impressive.  Siri is pretty dumb in comparison.
This news isn't going to slow the adoption of Android.  A malware plagued environment that was Windows XP below did not stop people from buying Windows over and over again.  They simply got used to the fact their systems were insecure.  The anti-malware companies will be on Android to reap the profits then they'll post a version for iOS to make it seem like iOS has the same problems when it doesn't.
Amazon Prime would be a nice grab.  They have content that Netflix can't touch.  
  Wow, you're absolutely right!  I never thought of that.  I would believe what you're saying over Apple coming out with a watch form factor.  After seeing Google Glass demoed I finally got the use of that product and would see Apple making a watch as a step back unless it were a successor to the iPod line. 
I still see this as a niche product.  I'm hoping I'm wrong.  I might buy one instead of an iPod Nano but I don't see more need than that for this rumored device.   If it is a full blown iOS device unlike the AppleTV and iPod Nano, then there could be gaming potential in conjunction with the AppleTV as a Nintedo style controller. Look  to Apple cutting out Nike+ with this type of device.  I'd imagine that Apple would fully support NFC with this too.   Anyway, I'm...
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