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It is always hard to pass judgement by photos over the internet, but so far those colors are pretty ugly.  It this rumor is true then I'd want to see them in person for sure.  Having the colors may not be a big deal anyway as in the case of my iPhone case barely any of the phone is shown besides the screen.
Of course Apple can survive.  The world expects them to come out with grand slams every few years.  Well, guess what - that may not happen again for a long time to come.     It is the Microsoft syndrome. Microsoft makes most of its money off of Windows and Office.  There isn't another product line that makes the same significant cash flow.  The Xbox comes close.  That is the main reason their stock has been stagnant for so long.  They've had too many failures to...
When will Apple ever release a more general beta of OSX?  They did this with the first version of OSX but I don't recall them ever doing it again.  With Mavericks and the change in leadership their policy of developers only should change to get the widest adoption possible.  I'm sure there's plenty of corporation on OSX that be willing to beta test and submit bug reports.
One word: Respect!
Apple is taking us to the future.  It'll be interesting to see iOS 7 on an iPad and if there will be specific features for the iPad there.  Also, what the AppleTV will get.   It'll be like getting a new phone with this comes out.  Can't wait!  
It was funny the first time but now it is just dumb.  If you like the metro interface then that would be something but not everyone does.  Microsoft lowering their prices for a limited time seems desperate.  They already did the "Two apps at once bit." so I guess that pony has no more tricks.  
It is a thing of beauty.  I never thought about getting a Mac Pro until today.  The Pros are going to have competition at the line for buying these.  Consumers like me want this as well.  
OSX and iOS won't merge.  iOS will simply evolve and take on the form factors OSX once held.  It'll be a slow transition.
I'm betting iOS will jump the river onto some previously OSX only form factors (a.k.a. "A whole new world" referencing Post-PC era.).  Mark my word. 
I hope this analyst is spot on.  Those all sound like tempting upgrades.     I heard rumor that the Mac Pro will be a total redesign.  Let's hope so as that form factor is long in the tooth.  With SSDs, the new Intel Chips, and retina display these offerings will kick-butt.
New Posts  All Forums: