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I agree. He'll be perfect for the role but will he pull it off. This might be defining for his career to really nail the image of Steve Jobs.
Nice to see Apple's claims reviewed. For some reason I don't desire the iPad. Still waiting for the need to replace my Macbook. The Kindle Fire satisfies my causel game play and other media requirements.
Perfect! That's what everyone expected they at least should do. In 3 years they can make-up that $45 billion.
It would be wise for them to buyback stock to maintain talents with stock certificates as incentives. A onetime dividend to shareholders could also be made opening the door for future onetime special dividends. I would like to see Apple take more ownership in the supply chain by investing in companies that make their components further giving them the edge. We shall see tomorrow though.
Or they can just buy a controller stake getting some seats on the Samsung board and have them give Apple favorable licensing terms of their IP portfolio.
Add Microsoft's royalties and sometime in the near future Oracle's for Google stealing Java. It'll be too costly to go with Android eventually. Around 7% royalty payments or more for each handset. It MS plays nice it could undercut that with Windows Phone OS licensing.
Yeah, seems like an odd tribute. If it were a Disney Pixar movie then that would be more appropriate. Alas, it is just a Disney flick.
If it is already at Best Buy then is this a ho-hum release or is Cook just trying to avoid the spotlight? His VPs can put on a good show.
If all you want is social networks, calendar, and contacts then that commercial might be compelling. Otherwise if you want movies, games, and real productivity software then get an iPad or Kindle Fire.
It is unlikely robots would replace them ever. Even on car assembly lines, been using robots for decades, robots cannot do everything. The human touch is still needed for the finer details of final assembly. Technology would have to change from what it is currently in order for robots to successfully assemble such fine electronic into nifty packages.
New Posts  All Forums: