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This is Apple's way of preparing OSX to merge with iOS. They are cleaning out the legacy in preparation for that (I'd say 2014 is when it will happen). X11 and Carbon apps have no place on iOS - at least from Apple. A clear sign of Apple's further attempts to merge the OSes will be when they discontinue the Power Mac. This is not an "if", but a "when". So that'll mean that FCP and all the other heavy apps that need lots of memory and raw CPU power will need beefy...
I don't really care about hardware refreshes unless that brings new content opportunities. The current hardware could support Hulu Plus but Apple somehow isn't making that happen. I'm not interested in Netflix. I'd like more content choices but that seems to be a problem for Apple to gather together.
Meaning that a new line of systems running on ARM and completely different from the usual Mac line-up are coming. These are the transition systems that will take us to a one OS ecosystem. Eventually OSX and iOS will merge.
Everyone just needs a hug. If we did more hugging in business we wouldn't have these problems. Come to reasonable cross licensing agreements and move on please.
Yeah, it was a bad commercial. They could have done a lot better. The waiting in line gig was done and over after the first time they used it. They need new material. Overall the Superbowl ads were pretty lame this year. The half-time show was pretty good. The game itself was the best part though.
So there's a fundamental problem with this survey. Many of the Kindle Fires were probably given as gifts since it was the holiday season they were first sold in. That would mean those that received them might not have really wanted them in the first place. I gave my parents (both over 80 years in age) a Kindle last February. It was inexpensive enough to give as a gift like the Kindle Fire. They use it once in a while but only load free content when they do use it. I...
They always have incredible products in the pipeline but that doesn't always translate into new product categories. An Apple branded television in 2012 would be impressive.
That new phase for RIM is called bankruptcy. They held on way too long. We're on the 5th iteration of the iPhone and the Blackberry devices haven't progressed much. I know as I'm on my 4th corporate Blackberry in as many years. Blackberry OS 10 will be too little and too late. I bet they'll call it Blackberry OSX just to get some hype from the Apple crowd.
This will be nice to have for the future. Glad to see wifi tech getting attention in the face of 3G, 4G, and beyond cell network broadband.
Looks like Apple may be getting Kodak lock, stock, and barrel after all. Go Apple!
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