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The market is bigger than the analysts seem to understand. The Kindle Fire will continue to sell well because of the lower price point. The iPad 3 will sell a record number. The whole tablet market pie will only get bigger.
I hope there's some security features built-in that prevents unauthorized purchases using your Siri device. I'm sure people out there share password with loved ones and those said loved ones (children) would love to go on a shopping spree. I had my Kindle stolen and the thief could still make purchases from Amazon even though I changed my password online. Only a phone call to Amazon and the credit card company got the device disabled. Thankfully the Kindle Fire has...
It seems like forever since Apple had a specific event/news for education. Glad to see Apple is going back to its roots and shoring it up. I'd like to see an upgrade to iLife and iWork for the Mac while they are at it. All signs point to iDevices getting all the attention while the iSoftware grows long in the tooth. It makes me believe all the more that OSX's days are numbered. We'll find out if that's true or not come WWDC.
MS really likes the name "Metro". That was originally a challenger to postscript and the PDF format. Now it is the new interface for Windows 8. Metro just happens to be the transit system in King Country Washington where Microsoft resides. Odd that they picked that name. Will their new slogan be "Get on the Bus!"
There won't be an iPad 4 released this year. Apple has no need to release another major version that soon. They could release tweaks later (e.g. one with LTE support inside) but that does not qualify for a major revision number on its own.
I don't buy the Kindle Fire cannibalized the iPad. First, I've heard many who own an iPad have a Kindle Fire. Second, the Kindle Fire is a good media device, but lacks many features and apps of the iPad for those that want a tablet to replace their laptops. Lastly, the category is still new and growing, so who is to say that those Kindle Fire folks would have bought an iPad to begin with. Amazon lowered the bar on price to make it more affordable and justifiable for...
I agree. They may have one more Lion version (e.g. Red Lion or something) but it is clear iOS is the new kid on the block with Apple's direction being iDevices. With the war winding down Apple might consider its next move - robotics. Microsoft has a platform for that and Apple might want to start paying attention. Consumer robotics will start to take off beyond vacuums and lawn mowers. Surveillance/security, assisted living, and additional cleaning bots (hate...
Seems to be a wasted media event then if no new hardware products are going to be announced. Apple should just do a press release and save everyone the bother.
I have a Wii and will buy the new version when it comes out. Apple's Airplay competes with the consoles but I don't know how well it works. Anyone have any good experiences with Airplay?
I'm considering getting a Kindle Fire namely because of the price and the amount of content that Amazon provides. I don't have an iPad. I hear the Silk browser is pretty lame though.
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