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It might be your hardware or a fact that you need to do a clean install. My problem is with Safari. Safari appears buggy to me but I have fairly new hardware. I did use Timemachine to restore apps and settings to this new computer which is probably my issue. A clean install would do me well. On another note, I'm convinced we'll see one last OSX release as I thought Lion was it. I believe they call it in a similar vein to the Leopard releases (e.g. Red Lion).
What makes anyone believe that they haven't already tried to negotiate a licensing fee structure with Google? The lawsuits are the last straw. MS has been going directly to the handset makers to get the licensing fees and maybe Apple has tried too but with no luck.
4G-like is Apple's style. In the keynote they compared the iPhones speed to speeds of 4G except it isn't 4G. You would be in a small camp then in regards to the screen size. Many current iPhone users I know would have liked the choice in getting one with a larger screen. The still opted for it despite that as the other features were compelling enough. Many had been Android owners that switch from larger phones because the company they worked for didn't support...
What research was that? Samsung outsells the iPhone in several markets.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencete...nth-shops.html Those are 4.3" phones. Apparently people like the larger screen size. I'd like the choice of having a larger screen as well but Apple feels one size fits all. If they truly believed that then they should only sell one model of MacBook.
That was a good commercial and I had a laugh at the end. Apple has the lead and the competition is once again scrambling. The thing about Apple is if they are behind in areas (i.e. screen size and 4G) they don't either educate why they are (new antennas give 4G like performance) or they don't address the concerns (the screen size issue). Siri is a definite differentiator and it'll take others a few years to catch-up. By then Siri will be on all iDevices and out...
I'm sick of these lawsuits. These two need to settle soon. All this does is distract from innovation. If Samsung or Apple are found in violation then they need to cross-license or change their designs.
Apple wants to build the whole widget. This might be out of legal concerns as they rumble with Samsung as much as it is about the technology.
Nice to see Apple is still making moves. We armchair CEO would have bought the world by now and bankrupt the company.
Airplay is indeed the killer app. It would be nice if Hulu were on the AppleTV. I'd pay for Hulu Plus and ditch cable once and for all.
Apple has never purposely taken a step back in development and I don't believe their DNA will allow it. It they do then you know the Jobs era has truly ended. Jobs was not about compromise on quality, design, or aesthetics.
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