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I'm sure Apple even knows they need to revamp their iOS.  Hence the fact Jony Ive is on the team for iOS.  Jony is an industrial designer so it isn't just all about form with him; it is form and function.  If there's a overall swap out to a flatter appearance you can bet there functional reasons for it.  Apple cannot afford a simple UI tweak so bet on there being major new features that demonstrate that Apple is as strong as ever and maybe more so than it was when Jobs...
  That's exactly what I was thinking.  They need to show us crash tests or it is all meaningless.
To make me more excited about this product I want something more than pedometer functions and heart rate monitoring.  I want a watch my wife could wear that will tell me when it is a good time to try to get pregnant.  I want the watch to measure my temperature and hydration levels to tell me that I should drink some water.  If it could scan through the layers of skin and check on my sodium and sugar levels too then that would be icing on the cake.  A...
Don't really care for Live Tiles so you can keep that.     Keynote is just fine and I'm sure they tried to make it as unflattering as possible.     Multitasking in the same space as another app is a so-so feature if your apps save state then it isn't a big deal.  There's not many cases where I, personally, would see myself absolutely needing this feature.  For productivity tools sure that would be great.
  Indeed.  I would speculate that at best it is a niche market.  People buy iPods for music primarily.  Now more people buy iPhones for making calls, music, photography linked to their favorite social media site, and play games when they are bored.  What role does this device fill that is begging to be filled (and that Pebble has not already reached)?  Telling time better than a watch?  We'll see if this ever come to existence by Apple.
  That's interesting that you wouldn't necessarily wear one.  Nike+ tracks your moves.  What if this iWrist device did all that Nike+ does (i.e. location, distance, speed, time, heart rate, steps, etc.) and more?  The more being tracking it to the cloud for trending you running (or biking) seeing where you've been before and planning new routes based on other people's runs.  That might be interesting.   To make it more interesting I'd want wireless bluetooth earbuds and...
That I'm not interested in such a device.  I thought that was pretty self evident.  Whether that proves whether this is a niche product or not remains to be seen.  There is a fact out there that can substantiate what I am saying in a broader context and that is that fewer and fewer people buy or wear watches.
I would not be interested in such a device.  Athletic types might be though.  Runners etc that is.  This is probably a replacement for one of the iPods.
iOS didn't copy anyone like Windows copied the Mac OS.  Windows was for the rest of the folks and the Mac was a premium in upfront costs, but over time made up for it.  To say iOS is the new Windows is completely wrong except that the iPhone enjoys a healthy margin and its ecosystem is thriving more so than Android.
It was a great commercial!  I loved the ad though I still prefer the iPhone.  Just like that recent Lumia ad was a great production and hilarious.  Competition is good.
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