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Lot's of hyperbole.  The Q10 is way over priced.  I had 5 Blackberry phones over a 5 year period and they are not any more business ready than the iPhone.  Sorry, but that's the truth.  I could care less about a physical keyboard now that I'm used to the virtual one.  A physical keyboard wears out and can get gummed up.  You're limited to the physical keyboard layout too.  Anyway, if you own one or want one then more power to you.
That ad was funny!  Great job Nokia.
All the more reason to want one.  I haven't convinced my wife to get one yet.  All in good time though.
Now that will be a worthy purchase when they do come out.  I held off on buying one because of the lack of a Retina display.    Besides the Retina display what else will drive future iPad or iPad Mini sales?  Faster processors are boring.  We want more gadgetry in these devices.  One with a hand scanner and reader that can uniquely identify a person by their hand print would be neat as a replacement for the password unlock.  Being able to read a person's heart rate...
I bought a MacBook Air about 3 months ago.  We love it, but a Retina display would have been nice.  Oh well, I'm sure our next one will have something that tops even that.  I can't imagine a thinner laptop as that would be crazy thin or almost like two iPads hugging.     It'll be interesting if Apple does update the MacBook lines at WWDC.  Seems they are saving all their cards for the fall then if they don't.  Apple is always the mysterious company even when they are...
There's still going to be a need for Macs for the foreseeable  future.  Steve, when he was alive, stated that using the car and truck analogy.  Cars dominate the roads at probably a 10 to 1 ratio or more to trucks.  Yet trucks are still needed to get real work done.  The same will be said with computing hardware.  Mobile smart devices (e.g. iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone) will continue to outnumber the sales of computers 10-1 or better.   We need Macs to do heavy...
If it is true that a majority of the product roll-outs won't happen until Fall (we're already well near May) then that's for one of three reasons.   1) Apple can't keep up with demand of their existing products so there isn't a need to refresh quite yet. 2) Manufacurer difficulties. 3) There's major OS changes coming that must be released prior to the hardware rollouts.   With WWDC coming soon we will find out whether #3 is correct which I expect is the real...
There are flaws in Android's openness that allow the carriers to alter the OS to their handsets.  Then there are flaws with iOS where there's really only one new form factor a year to choose from. People should be informed and understand that weaknesses of the platforms they choose.  I have an iPhone and understand the limits it has but gladly trade that for the flaws I see in Android.  Android fans see it differently and that's their business; more power to them.
For Apple to make a cheaper iPhone it has to be spun differently.  There needs to be a Prosumer model iPhone with all the leading edge gadgetry (e.g. larger screen and more mega-pixels in the cameras) then the regular Consumer iPhone. Both of course not compromising on quality but each taking Apple in different directions and remaining true to their past and corporate culture.  Apple has done this with the MacBook lines for years so why not the iPhone too?
It doesn't matter about Samsung and Taiwan's little tiffs with each other.  Apple is about getting competitive advantages and they can no longer get that with Samsung as they are Apple's major competitor (a.k.a. a conflict of interest within Samsung) in several product categories.  Apple has to give Samsung advanced knowledge of their future products so some of that is a concern and being worked-out in the courts.
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