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The end goal is for Apple to get into the fab business.  Remember that Apple wants to build the whole widget.  They have the money and could buy their way in.
Colors are what cases are for.  I hope this rumor is incorrect as that would tell me that Apple is running out of innovative ideas.  I have a black iPhone but you cannot tell because of the Otterbox case I have.
I would imagine that Samsung is feeling like they are surrounded with Google controlling the OS they use and Apple suing them and winning on many fronts.  I'd expect them to do what has been reported before and move to make more of their phones on their own OS.  I also expect them to finally seek cross licensing deals with Apple.  We'll see in the coming weeks though.
Not really.   http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-19512_7-20114949-233/iphone-4-vs-iphone-4s-comparison-chart/   It was the same enclosure with the same dimensions. Slightly better camera, better processor, and they did away with the 8GB version.  That's a minor upgrade.  The iPhone 5 was the major upgrade as we all know.  The software on the other hand brought Siri to the 4S which I consider a major upgrade.  I use it everyday and with each new iOS release it gets...
His argument doesn't make sense. We know that the models don't use years in the designation so what if they call it a 4, 4S, 5, or 5S. They still find plenty of buyers and have difficulty keeping up with demand. The jump from a 4 to a 4S was significant. I expect the 5S to be just as significant. Maybe Apple just lays out what they bring in the numerical releases, and the S version is mostly a software polish version. Hence the "S".
Apple won't let this on iOS.  This takes over the phone UI.  No wonder Facebook sees this as an Android opportunity since the platform is so fragmented.  They are bringing unity where there isn't any.  Samsung will probably fight this though.  Watch Samsung create their own app store and block this.  Good luck Facebook!  I don't need you for my iPhone.
I'm sure iOS 7.0 will borrow from OSX 10.8.  There are many GUI features that can be brought over and will work well on iOS.  Especially if the screen grows in size.   I'm looking forward to iOS 7.0 but we'll see what comes at WWDC in June and then full release in September.
iOS needs to take clues from OSX.   I see the iWatch as a replacement for all the iPods except for the iPod Touch.  Active athletic people want a device on their wrist.  One that could give feedback on their vitals would be good too.
Does this mean Apple will drop Facebook integration in the iPhone like they did with Google Maps?     Ping was a major failure.  I hope they don't get any ideas of their own is creating a Facebook competitor.
Apple will come out with an updated UI when their GPU power is a bit more beefier.  Call this UI upgrade "From OSX with Love".   1) I can imagine the lock screen being like OSX with the dashboard.  Apple can allow certain apps to be set in settings to live there.  Many 1 to 4 apps at a time.  As you add more the screen real estate divides to display the apps (e.g. stock ticker, weather, sports scores, top news, etc).  Without unlocking the screen you can then magnify...
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