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Maybe not a new Nest every year but I'm sure there are other product they could come out with in home automation that would link-up with the Nest.  Belkin has wifi enabled outlets that you can control via iPhone or Android but what about light switches too.  To monitor and control those items in the house would be neat as well.  A Nest garage door monitor would be helpful to alert if it is open for too long of a duration with sensors to detect entry into the garage area....
I haven't worn a watch for almost a decade now as I don't like wearing them.  My smart phone is my clock etc.  Apple releasing an iOS device in this form factor would not be ideal for me.  For those that are active in sports or need their hands free this would be ideal.  Definitely a good substitute for the iPods at least.  I'd buy one of these before using Google's Glass product though.
Apple has really slow OSX and iOS releases. A person wonders what the hold-up is. I'm imagining that there's a major product release coming that Apple is holding the ponies back for. What could it be is the question? Look for an Apple special event in March.
This is typical CEO speak for "We're not innovating at all but hey look neither are our competitors so Wall Street should ding our competitors and not us." 
I thought iPad were getting their butts kicked this holiday season by Surface, Kindle, and Galaxy Tabs?  If so, then why is all the blame on Apple?  They are innocent I tell you. ;-) 
I really hate the use of the roman numeral X for versioning software. I pronounced it OS "X" and not OS 10 as the roman numeral would indicate. The actual version would be OS 18 or XVIII by now. To say each version of OSX is a minor version by their internal numbering of 10.x.x is ridiculous. Apple's marketing team got carried away with this scheme that makes no sense. Maybe that's why I believe iOS is their escape from this versioning hell. If they do eventually go...
I experienced Apple's maps issue in Dallas.  I've downloaded Google maps for a backup but once Apple's stabilizes I'll use that exclusively.  It was only when Apple came out with their own turn-by-turn did Google deliver the same they had on Andriod for iPhones.  I see Amazon slighting iPhones with their augmented reality application too.   
It is a beautiful piece of work. I wish I was in the market for one. Unfortunately, mine is just 2 years old. By the time I need a replacement we might finally see an iMac that just is a piece of glass with imbedded circuitry like in the movies.
Looking forward to iTunes 11. The iTunes product is a real bloated piece of software that no one really cares to use but finds themselves having to do so with their iDevices. Remember Ping? The product could shed some pounds and even loses some features. I'd like the iDevice syncing to open its own application rather than having to go into iTunes. iTunes should be an accessible library from the separate sync app just like iPhoto, iLife, or your iWorks apps would be. ...
It is good to see Apple so optimistic about the future. I'm sure they are bursting at the seams now with plenty of employees ready to fill whatever new buildings come their way. Let's hope Apple keeps up its momentum. Looking forward to an Apple television.
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