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Not surprising since the iPad is a laptop replacement for many folks. Since getting an iPhone 5 through my employer I've been happy to use its browser almost as easily as I have used a desktop browser (way better than the Blackberry browser the iPhone replaced). Video on Youtube is great. I can see shopping on my iPhone while waiting in line on a Black Friday. My Kindle Fire's browser is horrible so I don't use it. I don't know if they improved the Silk browser on the...
I don't understand why online stores celebrate Black Friday.  Why don't they just have deal the whole weekend?  Do they have to staff-up more in the virtual world?  It isn't like the brick and mortar stores where they have their employees pull extra shifts and they only have the stock on-hand.  It is just bizarre that they try to act the same.   Now will Amazon do Cyber-Monday?
I got the best Black Friday deal - free.  My company bought me one for work purposes, but who says I can't have some fun.   I do think the iPhone is getting ridiculous to use in regards to its weight and thinness.  For me, I was used to Blackberry phones feeling a bit weighty.  It sounds crazy to say you want a phone to weigh more or at least feel substantial.  I had an OtterBox cover purchased for me and that made the difference.  It now doesn't feel too much...
I finally got rid of owning Blackberry phones.  My current employer bought me an iPhone 5.  It is nice to move up in the world.  The iOS software is nice.  I'm a bit surprised at the smallness of the iPhone.  I can't image it being any smaller.  I do find myself desiring a larger screen such as those on Android phones.  I'll make do with the iPhone 5 though.     I'm interested in where Apple will go with Siri. It seems there's a lot of areas Siri falls short on....
That's really too bad.  I like Scott a lot.  He was a natural leader.  Oh well Apple.  There's plenty of Silicon Valley companies that will snatch him up in a heartbeat. 
That bad eh?  They seem to just fine at our place.  When I say "exclusively" they have Apple laptops that they leave at their desks and carry their iPads to meetings.  So they most likely create the content on their laptops and display them on their iPads.
Tell that to all the companies that use iPads exclusively for business.  That includes mine.  Just about every executive has an iPad hooked up to Exchange and creating documents etc.
What do people exact from Apple?  This is a secondary feature.  Go buy a real SLR if you want to filter out the light in a sun shot.  
It would be nice to have an A6 in the iPad Mini. Why limit it the device? Game makers will find a use for all that power. The A5x was an interim processor until the A6 could be polished and shipped.
No surprise of course.  I'm just still wondering when Apple will drop the bomb and just have one OS.  Microsoft always flubs it up.  Apple knows not to do it in haste.  At some point they will make the decision to cut OSX off.  Maybe after 10.9.  There just isn't a lot of excitement in the desktop OS market as we can see.     When Apple sells their own TV we'll know that OSX is on its last leg.  When people are carrying either an iPhone or iPad and then come home to...
New Posts  All Forums: