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Sounds like two good promotions that will continue the success of Apple's product line for the foreseeable future.  Good job Tim!
I don't believe it, but we'll see.  I'll toss my Kindle for one.  My Kindle has gone wonky lately asking me to download all my apps again - what a pile of junk.  I'd believe Apple's polished iOS wouldn't give me such a headache.  Bring on the Mini iPad!
It isn't a very useful application anyway.  Google should at least be paying for that application placement.  Maybe Apple has something better in mind.
AuthenTec and The Fancy are obviously Apple's attempt to make the digital wallet a reality.  They already partially do this with buying airline tickets etc.  If all I needed was an iPhone to make purchases and get about then I would gladly dump my wallet.  The only thing left to virtualize would then be a driver's license.  Eventually the driver's license will have to change too as cars will drive themselves.  It will no longer be a person driving rather the car so...
I'm looking to avoid Windows 8 as long as possible.  If I'm issued a tablet with it installed then I'll have no choice.  Otherwise it is Windows 7 for me for a long time to come at work.
Yeah, Apple has billions in the bank so you bet it is worth investigating whether there is cause for a lawsuit.  ;-)
Yeah, their philosophy has work well for them in the past. ;-)     The personal computer idea is fading quickly.  The tablet technically is a computational device like the desktop and laptop but adaptable to the person and not the person to the device. Typing isn't a natural thing.  We have to learn to type.  Using gestures and speaking to your device is natural.  Sure, Windows 8 Surface device can do both and so can iPads with wireless keyboards.  The idea is that...
Well, if I had money to burn I'd buy one to just to say I had one.  The Surface has some interesting design qualities that can't be denied.  Even so, marketing and pricing are key to its success.  Unfortunately, MS already made enemies with this device of its OEMs.  Plus, the device crashing during a demo wasn't a good thing.  We'll see if this takes off when/if it becomes available.
    You bring up an interesting point.  The iPod Touch is a 3.5" display so this Mini iPad is pushing into its territory.  Will Apple leave the iPod Touch alone as a separate category or will they merge the two products together?    The iPod Touch then becomes the small end of the iPad line, then they fill-in a 7"ish model in the mid-range, and lastly the existing iPad at the high end. 
  That's what I was going to ask?  Seems Apple is slipping a bit here and cannot be completely trusted or they need to update their rules to catch this type of malware and any like it in the future.
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