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  Oh I'm reminded every day.  I have a big behemoth under my desk at work.  It is a Dell XPS gaming tower that was given to me in case I wanted to play company products along with our developers.  It is a beast and reminds me of the Packard Bell, Compaq, Acer, and HP towers of the early to late 90s. I had Macs in the 80s (84 on that is).     And 10 years from now we'll all be wearing Google or Apple glasses while our cars drive us to work.  For the lucky ones, they'll be...
Microsoft used to be good at making marketing spin but this is a real feeble attempt at it.  They need some new blood in the mix.  The surface event seemed so retarded it was laughable.     I do see this device replacing laptop form factors in the future as strong ties to Office, Exchange, and SQL Server will continue to dominate corporations.  In other words, fat clients will need to be around for a bit longer until Google and company can solve all that in the...
That's wrong on so many levels.  Thankfully I've never used Orbitz and now I will ensure that I never do.  Expedia, Hotwire (same company actually), Travelocity, Kayak, etc will be my sites.  Too many to even care about Orbitz.
Managers at corporations (like me) tend to be the ones toting iPads to meetings.  They make it easy to check schedules, write notes, refer to documents, and use email or IM.  We still have a laptop at our desks for apps that don't work on the iPad and for serious typing needs.  That list of apps is continuously shrinking though. 
People seem to be willing to pay the price of innovation.  Those blazing the trail will help to make the price go down as the components become commodity.  Who doesn't want one of these, but I can wait.
Sure took them long enough to release this.  This has been analyzed in every possible way disecting every last sentence the man spoke.  By that, I don't feel the need to watch it.
I'm sure Apple has sent the manufacturers letters stating they need to pay up.  When/if we hear about legal action as a results of this patent that's because they failed to reach an agreement on royalties.
Neat feature but didn't require a media event IMHO.
Most likely the refresh of all the hardware will coincide with the release of Mountain Lion.   Looking forward to the refresh as I'm in the market for another Macbook.
People easily forget the many failures of Apple and hence Steve Jobs.  As they said Jobs learned from his mistakes which was a good thing.  While his competitors were arrogant he made adjustments that they didn't see coming.  The Mac Cube and the iPod (fatboy) Nano come to mind on the hardware side. MobileMe on the service side was a bad implementation.  Software-wise I'd say OSX 10.0 was released too early as it was a dog of an operating system.  Apple needed at least...
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