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It would be nice if they bought a company to improve iWork on the Mac platform.  Obviously Apple is killing of the Mac platform in a slow death.  Where's the new Mac Pro if you doubt that?  An Apple television is more of a replacement for the iMac than it is for the Apple TV.   At least iLife will see an update on the iPad.
Most input devices for TV are horrible.  Even Apple's remotes are bad.  A remote with a little joystick on it would be more appropriate.  Then you could have the windowing interface similar to desktop computers.     I'd like to have a TV that is Internet connected and that I could program Internet channels into.  They would be like favorites but I could flip through them like TV stations or bring up a guide to find what is playing.  The internet channels would be a...
Nice to hear rumors about Apple refreshing its pipeline.  I'm going to be in the market for a new MacBook and would like to see an update this summer.     I'm not in the market for a Mac Pro, but it would sure be interesting to see why Apple has delayed a refresh for those systems.  My company buys those literally by the truck load for its creative departments.
The "R" probably is for ARM and "T" for tablet.  So ARM Tablet edition.    If it used an "A" that that would bring back memories of IBM PC ATs.  Bad memories.
A new television line eh?  I'll believe it when I see it.
Very neat!  If they fully develop that as shown that will be very impressive.  Apple is choosing good locations for their R&D. At least places that don't have power issues like India.
Can Apple just buy WolframAlpha and be done with these kind of problems?  Seems they need a search engine of their own and that one obviously is the one they like.  They got the cash.  Just saying.
Nice!  That will really help and with parental controls to keep the children from naughty sites when they are on their profile would be nice too.  I cannot see myself having more than one iPad for the foreseeable future so the kids need to share with mommy.
What a cheap trick!  Will the DoJ turn a blind eye to this?
Unless Apple already has the iPanel name trademarked then that won't be it as others will be snapping that name up as we type.
New Posts  All Forums: