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So long as it is in good humor but Microsoft makes it worse by taking offense at the ads. If Microsoft would laugh at themselves once in awhile and turnaround and make their own good humored ads it would be all good. Instead their ads come off as someone who is on the defense. There are plenty of good things to say about Vista. XP was a good product and Vista builds on that. You're just several times more likely to have to deal with malware and viruses. If you can...
The real question is how many AppleTVs did Apple sell.
That's one ugly device. It appeared that they might be using a pen when drawing lines on the device. Man, that things ugly.
Yeah, those are a bit long-in-the-tooth. Dell mini desktops are more pleasing to look at and have better hardware features. Apple should merge the Mac Mini with the AppleTV with a blu-ray player built-in. Instead of shipping a keyboard with it Apple could either a) sell separately a remote that looks like an iPod Touch to be the wireless keyboard and remote control or b) give the option for iPod Touch and iPhone users ability to wirelessly control the AppleTV via...
For a major release that was promised to not have many new features Snow Leopard is turning out to be feature packed. The Finder re-write has been asked for since practically day one of OSX's release. I'm still holding hope that it will be a free update for Leopard users.
A year ago when I bought my Macbook I had wished for the LED display and it is nice, but I do not lust after these Macbooks due to their lack of firewire. For my old camcorder I needed firewire. There's no way I'd trade that for LED at this point. Unless, I got a new camcorder.
I thought that was it too. It would be nice if they surprised everyone and came out with an 18" one instead of 17".
I like the 24 inch display, but where's the 32 inch display and how about a 40 incher?
Is Apple milling these enclosure themselves or is that outsourced like all of their manufacturing? It would have been neat if they brought back some of their manufacturing in-house.
Yeah, and the WinTel tax is to pay for antivirus and anti-malware software on a yearly basis and slow down your brand new system by 20% right out of the box.
New Posts  All Forums: