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Apple is sending him in to make sure VW does not rebound from the scandal. Once his work is done Apple will hire him back and make him head of their new VW division.
Rumor is Apple has started designing their own baseband chips.I think we will see it introduced in the 7 or 7S or be used first in the iPad
Nobody "needs" emojis but there are millions of customers who love them and use them regularly.Maybe you are just old and out of touch?
 I can't wait to pay $129.99 for a jar of AppleButter
Why not just put a case on it and call it a day? Talk about over-thinking a problem.The only reason they are patenting this crap is...because they can.It will never see the light of day.
I on the other hand am excited that the new AppleTV supports bluetooth audio.Now I can ditch the cables and go wireless.
 They should do that every year on his birthday.
I think Steve was referring to the early Beatles before Yoko Ono.Tim Cook saved the Beatles(Apple) by firing Yoko(Scott Forstall). IMAGINE if Chapman had missed and killed Ono instead!
 I hack into your light switch and keep flicking the lights on the porch on and off.When you go outside to investigate, I jump out of the bushes and taze you bro.
Seriously?  There is only one "app" you need to remember... https://www.google.com/#q=IFTTT
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