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 They should do that every year on his birthday.
I think Steve was referring to the early Beatles before Yoko Ono.Tim Cook saved the Beatles(Apple) by firing Yoko(Scott Forstall). IMAGINE if Chapman had missed and killed Ono instead!
 I hack into your light switch and keep flicking the lights on the porch on and off.When you go outside to investigate, I jump out of the bushes and taze you bro.
Seriously?  There is only one "app" you need to remember... https://www.google.com/#q=IFTTT
The actual article that this report is quoting also mentions a push to use more Open Source Software.
 Senior Vice President, Internet Software and Services "Internet Software and Services" is code for Cloud Services  Senior Vice President Software Engineering  "Software Engineering" is code for Apple's 4 platforms  
This is about getting their internal house in order so they can operate more efficiently.Apple is not looking to compete in hosted cloud services.
Ever fly a plane through a cloud?Did you break the cloud?
Apple is a functional organization where most similar companies are based around products.HardwareSoftwareDesignServicesRetail NOTiPodMaciPhoneiPadMac OSiOSPro AppsiLife
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