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  Tim Cook is a health nut! He starts his day at 5am with a vigorous workout.  He is also an avid cyclist and friends with Lance Armstrong and on the board of directors of Nike.  He does have one curious dietary habit.  He eats a lot of protein/energy bars throughout the day.
Apple called it "gold". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPod_Mini
Steve would never do...  
  Steve would never do...
A Japanese website?
The 5S is the premium/flagship/prestige product. This will be reflected in the build quality, specs and price. This is the iPhone aimed at those who care about RAM, CPU, GPU and those that can afford luxury goods. They may not know what a GPU is but they have the money and only want the best. While both models appeal to the fashionable through the use of color, the 5S is for those willing to pay a premium for style.
The 5C is aimed at people who are not techies. The specs are not what they are concerned with. They want an iPhone in pretty colors, takes great selfies and has that new finger scanner everyone is talking about.
The 5C will only be available in a 16GB model with less RAM, CPU and GPU performance. The 5S will come in 32, 64 and 128GB capacities. Both will have the same camera and finger scanning tech.
I don't believe the glass inserts will be black or white. They should be a similar shade of gold.
I could see this being great for iOS in the car. Rather than having to hit a very percise button which requires taking your eyes of the road, you could do a simple gesture to switch views or change tracks.
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