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I hope Apple is aiming for Rolex and Omega not Pebble, Samsung and Sony.
Because everyone will be so confused. When I see a name that starts with a lowercase "i", I instantly think of the House of Voila.
Did you seek permission from Apple in 2000 before copying their iNaming scheme?
I believe Sprint owns 50% of clearwire. A stronger Sprint could try to acquire the rest of Clearwire.
The portrayal of Woz appears to be a grotesque parody of the man.
Judge Cote's ruling:
I wonder if the next Mac mini will be 1/8th the size of the current model? I wonder how long till Apple adds a 6-core or 4-core configuration to the Mac Pro line up?
Classic Bluetooth was very limited in scope and very power hungry. That is what limited its adoption. On the other hand Bluetooth low energy is much more capable, useful and affordable. Now that there is a sizeable population of BLE iPhones(4S+5) in the wild, more manufacturers will be targeting it. Watches, wearable devices, health equipment, door locks, speakers, appliances, toys, etc.
If Star Trek is any indication, I have a feeling touchscreens will be with us for a long time.
I believe this is paving the way to Apple's console gaming plans for the Apple TV. I can't wait to see iOS 7 update to AppleTV. Hopefully we will see a similar interface overhaul and the debut of an AppStore.
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