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I thought Aperture X was going to be released. Is the 3.5 the 64-bit upgrade we've been hearing about?
Heartwood is the best wood taken from the center of a tree's trunk. It will be used for the custom furnishings, hand rails, signage, etc. Heartwood is very dense, strong and long lasting. It is also a renewable resource.
What would a SVP of Retail from the fashion industry have to do with moving manufacturing to the U.S., automation or product quality control?Nothing!I can't believe these "journalists" just let that fly out there without any follow up questions.
JCP was a sinking ship that no one will be able to rescue.
You've never met a feminist, have you?
Oh it's going to happen but these predictions are meaningless. In order to accurately gauge interst you would need to know. 1 what it actually looks like 2 what it actually does 3 what it actually costs
I see them integrating this into notification center's today view. I really like their graphical treatment for concerts and flights. The current notification center implementation is too text heavy.
What almost everyone is holding out for is a Retina iPad mini.
 iOS server? 
More updates!More critical updates!!!
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