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Just get rid of the most favored nation clause. That was the crux of the issue. As far as punitive measures, make Apple donate money to literacy programs.
I'll believe them this time.   http://www.theverge.com/2012/9/5/3294545/nokias-pureview-ads-are-fraudulent
I think the future is a MacBook ThunderBolt display replacing desktops. Almost everyone wants a notebook computer while very few need a desktop. Apple should make more affordable ThunderBolt displays. $999 is too steep for most consumers. If they had a 21.5" ThunderBolt display for $500, lots of Mac Book owners would get it. They should also offer it as a discounted desktop replacement bundle.
This is not the Android you are looking for
  The difference is that all current systems are not portable. You can configure your car, but that configuration parameters are stuck to that one car.   Apple's innovation is that your settings could become portable. Imagine you are a frequent business traveler... You walk up to a rental car...it is configured to your preferences. You arrive at your hotel room...it is configured to your preferences.   You get on a plane and sit down in first class...it is configured to...
If they can't bring bags to work, how are they going to smuggle out iPhones? If things continue to escalate, Apple store managers are going to have to start wearing gloves to do their searches.
How would you feel about waiting 5-15 minutes to get out of Costco?
Bob loves working at Apple and doing research on the latest tech. He doesn't like sitting in meetings all day. This will allow him to spend more time doing what he is best at. I'm sure he will continue to meet directly with Tim Cook to keep him apprised of any developments.
This is payback for Microsoft buying Bungie and delaying Halo for the Mac. What will really be payback is when AppleTV gets an App Store...bye bye Xbox.
Yes. He works out religiously, is an avid cyclist and friends with Lance Armstrong.  He has also been a member of Nike's board of directors since 2005. I think the untimely death of Steve Jobs was a wake up call for Tim Cook and the other executives.  Tim is only a few years younger than Steve.  I think the executive team sees the value proposition Apple can offer.   People are living longer Healthcare is expensive Many people are uninsured Many people are obese   Offer a...
New Posts  All Forums: