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JCP was a sinking ship that no one will be able to rescue.
You've never met a feminist, have you?
Oh it's going to happen but these predictions are meaningless. In order to accurately gauge interst you would need to know. 1 what it actually looks like 2 what it actually does 3 what it actually costs
I see them integrating this into notification center's today view. I really like their graphical treatment for concerts and flights. The current notification center implementation is too text heavy.
What almost everyone is holding out for is a Retina iPad mini.
 iOS server? 
More updates!More critical updates!!!
Microsoft is practically giving these things away. It is in IT managers own self-interest to perpetuate the Microsoft bureaucracy. God forbid they go with a platform that reduces their dependence on a bloated central IT division to keep all the plates spinning(or planes flying).
Microsoft is about doing more... more maintenance... more troubleshooting... more rebooting... more pulling your hair out... more throwing chairs...
I ran into a famous cartoonist in the late 90's and wanted to get his autograph. Unfortunately I didn't have any paper and a pen available at the moment.  All I had was my Palm Pilot, so I pulled up the drawing app and handed it and the stylus to him.  He signed it and drew a little cartoon as well without a second thought.   Unfortunately there was no good way to get those images off the Palm Pilot so I don't have it any more. : (
New Posts  All Forums: