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This is the single volume "at home" edition which is normally $140 in hardback.The $500 version is a five volume set that is geared toward those whose kitchen is more of a laboratory. I am torn over supporting this due to his patent troll ways.
They said the same thing about the iPhone.A typical clamshell feature phone only needed to be charged once a week. You could make the same argument about electric cars and you'd be wrong. If you love your iWatch and it greatly improves your life, you won't mind recharging it daily.
Made of plastic and comes in six colors... $299 & $399Made of stainless steel and comes in space gray or gold... $499 & $599
Combine an iWatches with iBeacons to enable accurate tracking and interaction with your environment.
A hypothetical iWatch does not necessarily need two hands to operate. It could employ gestures to interact with notifications or answer calls.(think turning a door knob or knocking) Also just raising your arm up quickly to your mouth could be used to invoke Siri.
How can you say that when you don't know what it is?You don't know what it does.You don't know how much it costs. What if it cost $99 dollars and stopped aging?  Still a niche market?What if it cost 99 cents and made your farts smell like roses?  Still a niche market?
One person hires several people to each buy 5 iPhones per person.Then the next day the same group of people are back buying 5 iPhones per person.They usually go to several stores per day as well.
I believe she meant staggered releases.   Spring 2014 = iPhone 5CS Fall 2014 = iPhone 6 Spring 2015 = iPhone 6C Fall 2015 = iPhone 6S Spring 2016 = iPhone 6CS Fall 2016 = iPhone 7 Spring 2017 = iPhone 7C Fall 2017 = iPhone 7S Spring 2018 = iPhone 7CS
So this was a study done in 2013 of tablets sold in 2012.
Where did you get a free turd? Can I get one?
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