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This is Apple we are talking about...not Google. Leave the creepy stuff to Google.   Apple is interested in empowering its users.
I bet Apple is going to use Authentec's fingerprint sensor to not just scan fingerprints. Their tech has the ability to look under the skin as well. Imagine if the iWatch has this sensor under the band and can continuously monitor your vitals.   I think Apple will keep working on this until they have a product that has an incredibly high value proposition. Imagine eating fast-food and a few minutes later getting an alert that your blood pressure is...
One word: Advertising The idea needs to be planted in peoples minds..."If you are going to buy an iPhone, you should go to an Apple store."
Yes I heard it will be called called "Aperture X".
Apple doesn't need to get involved. It is really a problem of Verizon's own making. If they want their employees to sell more iPhones, they can eliminate the spiffs or they can pay Apple a few Billion. Their choice.
This is exactly why Tim Cook wants potential customers to go to an Apple Retail Store. Apple doesn't want to pay spiffs to BestBuy or Verizon employees. Why do that when Apple specialists will do a better job for free(or at least close to it)!
I was thinking of replacing my cars stereo with one that has an HDMI input on the back. Then I could simply mirror my iphone screen to the dash with the HDMI adapter.
They are more interested in getting individuals to buy what APPLE cares about.Apple has a vision for where computing is heading. They want you to buy into their vision.
This is Apple we are talking about. They know how to make plastic phones that don't look cheap. Remember the original iPhone?
This seems like a natural fit for iOS in the car. This type of data could be very efficiently gathered using Siri. I doubt this will show up on the iPhone.
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