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Apple is laying the groundwork for their future alternative to credit cards. 23% of Americans don't have credit cards. The other 77% have credit cards that are prone to theft and fraud. Rather than swiping a credit card you will be able to swipe your iWatch and the transaction will be processed by Apple securely. More convenient, more secure.
This fits perfectly with Apples M.O. -offer a simple solution -creates a platform/ecosystem -synergies with existing Apple technologies -device appeals to consumers and enterprise -can sell in huge quantities
Or imagine being able to feel the texture of expertly stitched, fine Corinthian leather, the felt of a game table or linen!
Sounds like the back of a future iPhone could be made of sapphire as well. Probably not the 6 due to production constraints. The Apple logo could be etched in from behind and illuminated by an LED. The regulatory details could also be etched into the sapphire from behind. We could be seeing an iPhone that is 100% Sapphire on the exterior in a year or two.
Still can't justify the cost. First Alert One Link is still about 1/3 the cost. http://www.amazon.com/SC9120B-Hardwire-Combination-Monoxide-Battery/dp/B000HEC4EO/   The other problem is that these units have to be replaced in 7 years. In a larger home you may need 10-15 of these. That's over a grand every few years. If the price comes way down I'll consider them in 5-6 years when my current detectors are expiring.
Katie was at Apple for 18 years but she wasn't VP of Public Relations on day one.Katie worked her way up through the ranks because she was competent.Her competence in her role was one of many factors for Apple's tremendous performance over the last decade.
Not ALL of Apple's employees are privy to it's strategic planning and the reasons behind it's acquisitions.Of the 2% that are, I'm sure there is tremendous support.The recent retirements are not related to the beats acquisition.Apple is about to announce new products in new product categories completely unrelated to beats.This new product strategy is going to require a lot of work and it is better to have the new team in place for it's launch.Dr Dre has been Dr. Dre for...
Here's a better one...How much energy will Apple save in their data centers when they switch over to Apple ARM-based CPUs?
This sounds like the perfect role for someone with his skills and qualifications. Just make sure the chairs are bolted to the floor in his box when the Clippers loose.
Tim Cook said "It's all about the music." This leads me to believe that the beats acquisition is not about the music but rather branding for their wearables.
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