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I think what Apple did with the Mac Pro mirrors what recently happened with Final Cut Pro X. Completely new paradigm that had many up in arms. It took a few updates and some new third party tools to meet the needs of some users. But at the same time, the new lower pricing made it accessible to many more semi-pro users. The current Mac Pro starts at $2500. I believe the new Mac Pro will start at $1800-2000.
How do you rackmount a chimney, err... I mean cylinder?
I think we have seen this type of "leaked" information before from these types of companies. It is really just guerrilla marketing.
In a new partnership with Walt Disney's Lucas Films...Apple presents... The iPhone 5S...The "S" is for STAR WARS Available in... R2D2 White C3PO Gold Vader Black
The purpose of this model is not to sell huge quantities. The purpose is to have a low enough price that people consider buying it and when they comparison shop they decide to get the more expensive one.
  If you are driving, you should be using a proper hands-free system, not the speakerphone on your phone. You're doing it wrong.
I wish we could go to an Apple Store, have our ears 3D scanned and then have a custom made pair of earbuds shipped to us for $99.
After more than a decade with AT&T, I am switching to Virgin Mobile. Instead of $70 I'll be paying $40/iPhone. I calculate a savings of about $1500 over the next 2 years. I can deal with having the 4S for another year or two.
This is also the reason it has taken them so long to refresh the Mac Pro...because they had to redesign it in such a way that it can be manufactured here in the U.S.A. The design will also probably lend itself to be built mostly by robots.
Every year Apple should release a new Mac Pro, a single, top of the line model.  Apple should then continue to sell the previous years models as a lower priced option.   This would would make them much more enterprise friendly. Enterprise customers love predictable upgrade cycles and standardized configurations. They also love being able to buy the same machine they bought 2 years ago and having fewer varying models.   2015 Mac Pro $3000 2014 Mac Pro...
New Posts  All Forums: