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Batman > Steve Jobs > American Psycho   Yes he has the range needed for this role.
Before Prime it was better to order multiple items at once to save on shipping.Once you get Prime this becomes unnecessary.In fact it is easier to manage orders if you order items seperately. When you log into your account and click on "Manage Prime Membership" you can see when you first joined. 
Your on a pace to hit 75 orders this year.
These apps are only for testing purposes and will not be present when iOS 8 ships. The Preview and TextEdit APIs will add this functionality to other apps. There will not be standalone apps for viewing PDFs and Text files.
 I have a love hate relationship with Amazon.They treat the workers in their warehouses worse than a Walmart in North Korea.
Log into your account and look at your order history.The pop-up menu allows you to pick a year.When you do it shows how many orders you placed that year. The first thing I ever purchased online was my first digital camera.The second thing I purchased was Apple's original Airport base station.After that I lost track...
Year....Amazon Orders 2003    1 2004    1 2005    6 2006    11 2007    2 2008    12 2009    34 2010    28 2011    77 2012    97 2013    138...11 orders per month!
That wouldn't be his call.  The CEO sets the direction for the company, the CFO figures out how to pay for it.Tim Cook did a major reorg in 2012 in which he promoted Eddy Cue to SVP of Internet Software and Services. The software and services area has grown to a 4+ Billion dollar a quarter business.
 18 years is a long time at one company.  During that time Apple went from the brink of ruin to the most powerful company on earth.  Not to bad of a legacy. Too many people work to long and hard, destroying their health and their family in the process.Peter is retiring at around 52 years of age with a fortune of around $200 million.  Not too shabby!  He has worked hard and will now get to enjoy the rewards while he still has his health and his family.
New Posts  All Forums: