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I ran into a famous cartoonist in the late 90's and wanted to get his autograph. Unfortunately I didn't have any paper and a pen available at the moment.  All I had was my Palm Pilot, so I pulled up the drawing app and handed it and the stylus to him.  He signed it and drew a little cartoon as well without a second thought.   Unfortunately there was no good way to get those images off the Palm Pilot so I don't have it any more. : (
How long till iPads and MacBooks have this integrated into the power button?
They should have put a ring of LEDs around that lens. The deal breaker for me is that you are limited to using it with just the Sony app.
My father said he was "just running to the liquor store" before he left... 20 years ago.
 Who leaves their phone in the car and grabs their iPad to run into the liquor store?Shouldn't it be the other way around?
They will be able to copy the look of Apple's iWatch but not the tech and UX. Samsung is thinking "computer on wrist" Apple is thinking "sensors on wrist" It's all about the sensors.
I would love to have been a fly on the wall when it was announced to the employees that they had been acquired by Apple. I'm sure they had some die-hard Android fans in their ranks.
Steve Job's widow Lauren Powell Jobs is the largest shareholder of Disney, who owns Muppet Studios, who owns The Swedish Chef.
If they were acquired in February, we may be seeing their tech in iOS7 this fall.
Apple doesn't care if you switch from Windows to Mac or from Windows to iOS. Either way, Microsoft is losing users and Apple is gaining. I think Mavericks and iOS 7 is going to do a lot to further distinguish Apple's dual-platform strategy vs. Microsoft's "no compromises" one platform strategy.
New Posts  All Forums: