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Too much work. Normal people don't want to have to keep moving money around to make sure that the next transaction will go through.Apple likes simple, "it just works".
In order to do these digital payments you will need an iOS device with NFC.if you already have an iPhone then all you need is the iWatch.If you don't have an iPhone, then you need to buy the iPhone 6 with NFC.IWatch will not work with Android, it is all about selling more iOS devices.Apple's goal is to keep adding to the iOS value proposition to justify the higher price.Many Android users will switch to the iPhone so they can also use the iWatch for payments, health...
You will get a voucher for U2's new album with the purchase of Beats lightning headphones or Beats Product Red headphones. The white building is not a stage.
Am I reading this right? "iCloud piece of shit"? or "iCloud eat shit"?
I would love to see him put in charge of Apple's support website and forums. If he is a good public speaker, I would love to see him as the go-to-guy for explaining technical details at keynotes. Anand is a great writer and communicator and could improve Apple's written communications in press releases, tech support docs and even patent filings.
They didn't put in a pop-out lightning connector because they already make this:Also available in micro-USB.
This is why you want to use an Apple charger and not some third party knock-off.Also 95% of iPhone owners probably have one already.
Clever design. very tempting.
Rather than studying that asteroid they should catch it in earth's orbit and mine it for resources. There will unfortunately not be any significant spending on space until we have an enemy/war there.
Still holding out hope this comes through. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mu-thermal-camera-a-great-tool-to-save-on-energy-costs
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