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 Yo mama so ugly, they changed Halloween to YoMamaween!
Apple has always and probably always will make most of it's profits selling computers.The model name of the computer(Lisa, ][, Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Watch) isn't the important thing.
 You are the exception rather than the rule.Few people are carrying a smartphone and an MP3 player these days.That iPhone 6 battery case I mentioned earlier has 2000+ reviews.Only a small % of people leave reviews and that is just one of the many battery cases available.Apple is selling so few iPods they don't even have it at the top of their homepage anymore or release sales figures each quarter.
Your logic is hideous.
 I disrespectfully disagree. No it won't.
multi-Touch?64-bit mobile CPU?TouchID?
Yes. I forgot about this third group.  The new iPod Touch will do very well with enterprise customers.
 Yes, but far less practical. The best selling iPhone 6 battery case on Amazon is $40!I could buy 5 of them for the cost of the cheapest iPod Touch.so iPhone 6 + 5 battery cases is much better battery life than those ridiculous iPod Touches.
Yet. It ain't going to happen.
 People who find their iPhone's battery life woefully inadequate usually buy a battery case not a second device that has to be charged, managed and carried separately.
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