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1999 - Digital camera revolution starts 2007 - iPhone launched 2010 - digital camera sales peak 2014 - 40,000 digital cameras sold(almost back to pre digital sales volume) 2015 - Apple sold 192,000,000 iPhones in the past year.   iPhone sales = 4800X traditional digital camera market   DSLRs are not a niche, cameras that are only cameras are a niche.
Or how about "$88K electric car boasts Lamborghini-like results"?A few years ago that headline would have been mocked as nonsense.
But if they were honest...that's exactly what they would say...with a Swiss accent.
   As of 2014 Apple had 75,000 Cassandra nodes across multiple clusters. 
 It is possible that the AppleWatch+Siri could displace the Google homepage as the primary means of search for many people in the not to distant future.   Apple is in lots of BIG DATA areas.HealthMapsAppStoreiTunes StoreiBooks StoreiCloud DriveiCloud Photo LibraryRetailAppleCareSupply Chain Managementand the list goes on and on... It will not get attention like the Beats acquisition did but I have a feeling this is going to be one of the most significant acquisitions they...
Oracle needs to add lots of features that some customers don't need.Apple only has to develop the features they need.Considering 30% of every AppStore and iTunes purchase goes to Apple, thousands of developers and companies are funding the development of Apple's cloud infrastructure.In addition Apple is making a pretty penny selling iCloud storage. All the more reason for Apple to invest in tech that will drive down costs and increase control of key technologies.
On the question of autonomous driving, I don't believe the technology is even close yet to what would be needed, nor are we ready as a society. Apple's focus is always on user experience and so I believe their inital entry will be focused on augmented driving. Imagine if they integrated haptic feedback into the seat and steering wheel. Imagine if Siri was fully integrated into every aspect of the vehicle. Apple could even rethink very basic things like the gas and...
I think this discussion thread needs to move beyond the premise of a monolithic Apple Car. Apple has the resources to develop an electric car platform and then design a range of vehicles based on that platform   Apple Car Sport (think 2 person small commuter/city car) $20-30K Apple Car SUV  (think standard family car) $30-50K Apple Car Edition (halo car, insanely great) $100K
New Posts  All Forums: