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 I disrespectfully disagree. No it won't.
multi-Touch?64-bit mobile CPU?TouchID?
Yes. I forgot about this third group.  The new iPod Touch will do very well with enterprise customers.
 Yes, but far less practical. The best selling iPhone 6 battery case on Amazon is $40!I could buy 5 of them for the cost of the cheapest iPod Touch.so iPhone 6 + 5 battery cases is much better battery life than those ridiculous iPod Touches.
Yet. It ain't going to happen.
 People who find their iPhone's battery life woefully inadequate usually buy a battery case not a second device that has to be charged, managed and carried separately.
iPod Touches owners fall into 2 groups:1) Kids who are too young for a phone.2) Homeless people with discriminating taste in electronics.
iPod Touch = For Kids = No Credit cards = No TouchID
New Posts  All Forums: