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iPod Touches owners fall into 2 groups:1) Kids who are too young for a phone.2) Homeless people with discriminating taste in electronics.
iPod Touch = For Kids = No Credit cards = No TouchID
Oh yeah? I invented Jeff Bezos. I love Prime so much I'm going to marry it when it turns 16. I have a Kindle and the only thing I read is reviews of Amazon products.
No, it was politicians and bureaucrats who sold us out.  Instead of defending the constitution, they engaged in illegal spying on U.S. citizens and then lied to our faces and said they weren't. Snowden is a hero in my book.
Hey Google, scan this!
 I'll keep saying it...Apple should design a scaled down version of the main spaceship campus and then standardize on that design for the construction of all future regional offices.  The design of the main campus is going to be iconic and having many of their offices share that design will add to the brand.
Just saw your comment after posting mine.Great minds think alike.Let's hope Tim Cook is on the same page.
Too many data centers on the west coast. This facility will take over when the big one hits the Bay Area. Either that or the mothership will fly to Mesa Arizona.
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